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    • Switzerland 
    • Color
    • 52 min 

    La Haute Route 2005 poster a.jpg


    • France 
    • Color
    • 52 min 

    Darwin la cordillere secrete 2010 poster a.jpg


    • USA 
    • Color
    • 24 min 

    Brothers wild 2009 poster a.jpg


    • Poland 
    • B/W silent
    • 68 min 

    It is an amatour movie about two orphans Zosia and Wladek.
    Zosia falls in love with Janek, a popular hunter, but he is in love with Hanka, who fancies mountain climber called Andrzej. One day hanka and andrzej go for a walk up to the mountains and meet snowfall. Jasiek go to rescue couple but there is no sign after Hanka (no track after something, someone, is similar to this English phrase and make the movie title more obvious).
    Desperated Andrzej cannot find the girl so he goes to look for her alone.Next day unconcious is taken by Zosia to home where found Hanka is waiting for him....so happy together just sad Janek reaalize he never get hanka and goes by white track to look for soul peace in the mauntains and lonliness...

    Bialy slad 1932 poster a2.jpg


    • Poland 
    • B/W sound
    • 55 min 

    A documentary re-enactment of an event in February 1945, when men from a Mountain Rescue Team- the Blue Cross of the title was their badge- in the Tatra Mountains in Poland, summoned by a Slovak doctor, crossed the mountains to rescue three badly wounded men, their nurse and a guard from an isolated hut near a German outpost. The characters were played by some of the original participants and amateur actors. It's a well-put together short film; the events almost entirely described by an omniscient commentator with a mixture of location and well-made re-enactment. It's only the absence of vapour from the men's mouths that shows which is the latter. There are some extraordinary shots though, with Munk's characteristic concentration on faces- an amputation without anaesthetics depicted by close ups of the patient's, the surgeon's and the watchers' faces and a tuneless humming. There are some wonderful action shots as well- an avalanche, the journey across snow fields, a pursuing German ski patrol sweeping across white snow- but more than anything it is the way Munk looks at the middle-aged and elderly faces of the rescue team- gap-toothed, wrinkled, moustachioed, resolutely civilian in a war- and the reminder that this was entered- like every other rescue- in the book at their base. It's noteworthy that Munck only depicts heroism unequivocally when as here it involves saving life not taking it.

    Blekitny krzyz 1955 poster a.jpg


    • Germany 
    • Color
    • 25 min 

    Atna und Lofoten 2012 poster a.jpg


    • UK 
    • Color
    • 30 min 

    Telemark skier Sarah Ferguson and extreme skier Vaila Macdonald plan a trip into the most deserted and dangerous part of the remote St. Elias mountains in Canada's Yukon. It is an area where hardly anyone has visited and where many of the peaks are still unnamed.

    Wild climbs - 1999 poster a.jpg


  • Lestate e bianca al Livrio 1952 poster a.jpg


    • France 
    • Color
    • 50 min 

    On March 1, 2004, Patrick Bérhault and Philippe Magnin set out to climb all 82 summits above 4000 metres in the Alps. Both climbers are well-known for their solid experience and purist approach to climbing, so the emphasis for this large-scale project is on making the most of the pleasures of mountaineering. They brave changing weather and strong emotions as they proceed on their long journey into the unknown. On April 28, after almost two months of climbing, they are making their way along Nadelgrat, an interminable ridge leading up to their 67th summit, when destiny steps in... .

    Sur le fil des 4000 2004 poster a3.jpg
    • Italy 
    • B/W sound
    • 10 min 

    Scuola estiva di sci 1949 poster a.jpg


Found films (75)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
La Haute Route 2005 Sébastien Devrient, Vertiges Prod Mont Blanc Massif, Pennine Alps Documentary
La Haute Route Mont Blanc M...
Pennine Alps
Darwin, la cordillère secrète 2010 Nicolas Pierre Morin, Big Nose, La souris verte, Mill & Co, Un rêve de Darwin Cordillera Darwin Documentary
Darwin, la cordillère secrète Cordillera D...
Brother's wild 2009 Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Sender Films El Capitan, Ruth Gorge Documentary
Brother's wild El Capitan
Ruth Gorge
Bialy slad 1932 Adam Krzeptowski, Asterfilm Tatra Mountains Drama
Bialy slad Tatra Mountains
Blekitny krzyz 1955 Andrzej Munk, P.P. Film Polski Tatra Mountains Drama
Blekitny krzyz Tatra Mountains
Ätna und Lofoten 2012 Ben Benson, Quattro Media Etna, Stromboli, Lofoten Documentary
Ätna und Lofoten Etna
Wild climbs - Yukon 1999 Richard Else, Triple Echo Productions Saint Elias Mountains Documentary
Wild climbs - Yukon Saint Elias ...
L'estate è bianca al Livrio 1952 Fosco Maraini, Bernardo Seeber, Solaria Film Monte Cristallo Documentary
L'estate è bianca al Livrio Monte Cristallo
Sur le fil des 4000 2004 Gilles Chappaz, Migoo, Association La Grande Cordée, Ville de Grenoble Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc Massif, Täschhorn, Dent d'Herens Documentary
Sur le fil des 4000 Gran Paradiso
Mont Blanc M...
Dent d'Herens
Scuola estiva di sci 1949 Marcello Baldi, Edelweiss Film Plateau Rosa Documentary
Scuola estiva di sci Plateau Rosa