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Found films (75)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Strong 2013 Fitz Cahall, Duct Tape Then Beer, Arc'teryx Snoqualmie Pass Documentary
Strong Snoqualmie Pass
Pour quelques virages de plus 1982 Patrick Vallençant, Pierre Saloff-Coste, Kouka Denali - McKinley, Artesonraju, Huascarán, Mont Blanc, Yerupajá Documentary
Pour quelques virages de plus Denali - McK...
Mont Blanc
Papick, l'enfant du Mont Blanc 1981 Michel Torend, Alpa Films Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Mont Maudit Documentary
Papick, l'enfant du Mont Blanc Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc d...
Mont Maudit
Kristallwand 2015 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut, Vaude Kirchenkogel Documentary
Kristallwand Kirchenkogel
Aventure en Alaska 1981 Patrice Aubertel, Alpa Films Denali - McKinley Documentary
Aventure en Alaska Denali - McK...
Stratení nomádi 2010 Rastislav Hatiar, Ceper Film Studio Tian-Shan Documentary
Stratení nomádi Tian-Shan
Unter null 2009 Jürgen Schafroth, Allgäu Film Trettachspitze, Krottenspitze, Schneck, Höfats Documentary
Unter null Trettachspitze
The Season 2 2011 Bryan Smith, Arc'teryx, Reel Water Productions, Duct Tape Then Beer El Capitan, Mount Rainier, Squamish Documentary
The Season 2 El Capitan
Mount Rainier
Solo 2011 Michael Tuggy, Telegraphix Studios Mount Adams Documentary
Solo Mount Adams
Ski emotion Iran 2012 Rastislav Hatiar, Ceper Film Studio Alam-Kuh Documentary
Ski emotion Iran Alam-Kuh