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    • France 
    • B/W silent


    • France / Canada 
    • Color
    • 52 min 

    Secours en montagne 2012 poster a.jpg
    • France 
    • Color
    • 53 min 

    December 1956. Two mountaineers try what could be their greatest climb: the Brenva in winter. A sudden weather change and their lack of experience trap them at 4000 metres. In Chamonix, a series of absurdities is responsible for the lack of a quick rescue, which forces the climbers to stay on the mountain for ten days. A touching story that shook France and that is remembered here by some of its protagonists.

    Les naufrages du Mont Blanc 2002 poster a.jpg


  • Les Anges du McKinley - Alaska 2007 poster a.jpg


    • Czech Republic 
    • Color
    • 24 min 

    October 4th 2012, Flatanger, Norway. After incredible 3-month battle, Adam Ondra makes the first ascent of the new world´s hardest route. Adam names it Change and suggests the magic grade of 9b+. The limit of human´s possibilities has been shifted and the long adventurous trip of a few friends to the northern Europe slowly comes to the end...

    Change - Movie about movie 2013 poster a.jpg


    • Poland 
    • B/W sound
    • 55 min 

    A documentary re-enactment of an event in February 1945, when men from a Mountain Rescue Team- the Blue Cross of the title was their badge- in the Tatra Mountains in Poland, summoned by a Slovak doctor, crossed the mountains to rescue three badly wounded men, their nurse and a guard from an isolated hut near a German outpost. The characters were played by some of the original participants and amateur actors. It's a well-put together short film; the events almost entirely described by an omniscient commentator with a mixture of location and well-made re-enactment. It's only the absence of vapour from the men's mouths that shows which is the latter. There are some extraordinary shots though, with Munk's characteristic concentration on faces- an amputation without anaesthetics depicted by close ups of the patient's, the surgeon's and the watchers' faces and a tuneless humming. There are some wonderful action shots as well- an avalanche, the journey across snow fields, a pursuing German ski patrol sweeping across white snow- but more than anything it is the way Munk looks at the middle-aged and elderly faces of the rescue team- gap-toothed, wrinkled, moustachioed, resolutely civilian in a war- and the reminder that this was entered- like every other rescue- in the book at their base. It's noteworthy that Munck only depicts heroism unequivocally when as here it involves saving life not taking it.

    Blekitny krzyz 1955 poster a.jpg


  • Call out - The first 60 years 2007 poster a.jpg


    • UK 
    • Color
    • 125 min 

    A comprehensive guide to problem solving in climbing situations, it is aimed at the problems recreational climbers may encounter whether climbing on multi-pitch sea cliffs, mountain routes or road-side crags.

    Self rescue for climbers 2006 poster a.jpg


    • UK 
    • Color
    • 49 min 

    Watch a nighttime rescue showing the exteme conditions the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team have to endure to help people stuck on the mountains.

    Mountain rescue 2013 poster a.jpg


    • Japan 
    • Color
    • 43 min 

    Mano Yamadai sonan kesshi no kyushutsu geki 2002 poster a.jpg


Found films (113)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Accident dans les Alpes 1908 Documentary
Accident dans les Alpes
Secours en montagne 2012 Anne Dorr, Pascal Carron, Groupe PVP, Gédéon Mont Blanc Massif, Verdon Gorge, Banff National Park Documentary
Secours en montagne Mont Blanc M...
Verdon Gorge
Banff Nation...
Les naufragés du Mont Blanc 2002 Denis Ducroz, France 3, Multimedia France Productions Mont Blanc Documentary
Les naufragés du Mont Blanc Mont Blanc
Les anges du McKinley - Alaska 2007 Dominique Pipat, Nick Robinson, Patly Productions Denali - McKinley Documentary
Les anges du McKinley - Alaska Denali - McK...
Change - Movie about movie 2013 Petr Pavlícek, Bernartwood Flatanger Cave Documentary
Change - Movie about movie Flatanger Cave
Blekitny krzyz 1955 Andrzej Munk, P.P. Film Polski Tatra Mountains Drama
Blekitny krzyz Tatra Mountains
Call out - The first 60 years 2007 Fluid Productions Blencathra Documentary
Call out - The first 60 years Blencathra
Self rescue for climbers 2006 Rock and Sea Productions Malham Cove, Gogarth, Tremadog, Llanberis Pass Documentary
Self rescue for climbers Malham Cove
Llanberis Pass
Mountain rescue 2013 James Else, Mark Batey, Triple Echo Productions The Cairngorms Documentary
Mountain rescue The Cairngorms
Mano Yamadai sonan kesshi no kyushutsu geki 2002 NHK Mount Tsurugi Documentary
Mano Yamadai sonan kesshi no kyushutsu geki Mount Tsurugi