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Found films (113)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Life or death on Denali 2004 Peter Getzels, National Geographic Denali - McKinley Documentary
Life or death on Denali Denali - McK...
Fain would I climb 1985 BBC Land's End Documentary
Fain would I climb Land's End
High peak rescue 1996 National Geographic Banff National Park Documentary
High peak rescue Banff Nation...
V soncu višin 1953 Boris Režek, Triglav film Julian Alps Documentary
V soncu višin Julian Alps
Neodídem... 2010 Andrea Garajová Tatra Mountains Documentary
Neodídem... Tatra Mountains
In the shadow of the mountain 2011 Hugh Barnard, Max Segal Southern Alps Documentary
In the shadow of the mountain Southern Alps
Gorski reševalci v kraljestvu zlatoroga 2012 Janez Brojan Documentary
Gorski reševalci v kraljestvu zlatoroga
Les médecins des alpinistes 1996 Bernard Germain, Amas M3, France 3 Mont Blanc Documentary
Les médecins des alpinistes Mont Blanc
Čopov steber - Dvakrat prvič 2012 Borko Radešček, Dušica Kunaver, Aleš Kunaver Triglav Documentary
Čopov steber - Dvakrat prvič Triglav
Zwischen jahrhunderten und hundertstelsekunden 2013 Gernot Lercher, ORF, Interspot Film Hoher Dachstein Documentary
Zwischen jahrhunderten und hundertstelsekunden Hoher Dachstein