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    • UK 
    • Color
    • 52 min 

    A classic and gripping film of Eric Jones solo ascent of the Eiger North Face.

    Eiger Solo 1983 poster a.jpg


    • Germany 
    • Color
    • 53 min 

    A film about ice climbing in several dimensions -- from a classical alpine climb to one of the hardest ice routes in the world, first put up by Stevie Haston. This film features one of the world's great ice climbers, Robert Jasper.

    Eis mit Stil 1997 poster a.jpg


    • China 
    • Color
    • 86 min 

    A team of experienced mountain climbers difficult for students trapped in snow-capped mountains, the two former enemies came together, mountaineering associations emergency relief, the two most outstanding climbers incorporated into the team, aside Road South and distant heart scores, indifferent eyes lifted to re-examine the front of this towering thrill of climbing. They will be trapped within three days of the students were rescued, it must be closely united together, or even they themselves are not out of this piece of snow. In a snowstorm, they led the rescue team set off, a thousand difficulties and resistance narrow escape. In the towering snow peaks, they encountered a storm, but suffered a violent collision mind. Two men in the life of the edge of the understanding reached when two people understand the true intentions. Under the avalanche, missing left behind by virtue of their strong.

    Ice cliff 2011 poster a.jpg


    • UK / USA 
    • Color
    • 45 min 

    In January 1999, Jamie Andrew and his friend Jamie Fisher are trapped on a ledge in the French Alps when a surprise snowstorm blows in. Because of the harsh weather, the rescue helicopter can't land which leaves Fisher dead and Andrew a frostbite.

    Death climb 2010 poster a.jpg


    • UK / USA 
    • Color
    • 45 min 

    In April 1999 3 British climbers get caught in a snow storm near the summit of Mt. McKinley. After a night in a cave, 1 climber develops snow blindness and another volunteers to go down to base camp but breaks both his legs in a fall.

    Three British climbers become trapped on America's highest mountain when the weather turns against them. One has to make the difficult decision - stay with his friends and freeze to death or go down the mountain alone risking his own life to try to save them all.

    Frozen at twenty thousand feet 2006 poster b2.jpg


    • USA 
    • Color
    • 126 min 

    An edge-of-your seat, emotionally-charged action-adventure story, VERTICAL LIMIT is a high-adrenaline tale of young climber Peter Garrett (Chris O'Donnell), who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K2, the world's second highest peak. Confronting both his own limitations and the awesome power of nature's uncontrollable elements, Peter risks his life to save his sister, Annie (Robin Tunney), and her summit team (Bill Paxton and Nicholas Lea) in a race against time.

    Vertical limit 2000 poster a.jpg
    • Germany 
    • B/W sound
    • 107 min 

    Peter and Maria, a newly-married American couple come to a small Swiss village to hire Glooker, a famous mountain guide, to take them up the east wall of Pitz-Palu, one of the highest peaks in the Alps. They meet Dr. Jensen, a fellow American, whose wife fell to her death on a Pitz-Palu climb twenty years ago to the day. Jensen returns each year on the date of her death in the hope that the ice will yield up her body. He cautions the young couple against attempting the difficult climb, especially in the threatening weather and confesses he had failed to heed a similar warning twenty years before when the fatal accident occurred. As dawn breaks, Peter leaves the house, leaving Maria asleep, determined to try the climb alone. Jensen hears him and insists on going. Maria awakes and is determined to share with Peter the adventure and the danger. Together the trio begin the assent, waving casually to a band of students (who are later buried in an avalanche).

    Sturm in der ostwand 1950 poster a.jpg


    • Germany 
    • B/W silent
    • 150 min 

    Mount Doom Piz Palu: Here loses Dr. Krafft in an accident his wife Mary. Since then he wanders restlessly over the mountain. Ten years later he appears in a remote mountain cabin at the engagement party of a young couple named John and Mary. Spurred by the project, a group of students wants to climb the summit Krafft. Hans and Mary, to follow him. But the students are buried by an avalanche, Hans falls almost off, and Krafft seriously injured by a falling block of ice. The three climbers must spend the night in the freezing cold. Maria Krafft is his jacket. The next day, John and Mary be saved, Krafft is frozen.

    Die weisse holle vom Piz Palu 1929 poster a.jpg


    • Austria / Italy 
    • B/W sound
    • 75 min 

    This dram features two Hollanders that manage to climb a cursed mountain and when they make it others decide to follow.

    Im Banne des Monte Miracolo  1945 poster b.jpg


Found films (199)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Eiger solo 1983 Leo Dickinson, HTV, ITV Eiger Documentary
Eiger solo Eiger
Eis mit stil 1997 Jochen Schmoll, Modern Video Productions Mont Blanc Massif, Mönch Documentary
Eis mit stil Mont Blanc M...
Ice cliff 2011 Wang Weimin, China Movie Channel Drama
Ice cliff
Death climb 2010 Christopher Spencer, Darlow Smithson Productions Les Droites Docudrama
Death climb Les Droites
Frozen at twenty thousand feet 2006 Crispin Reece, Darlow Smithson Productions Denali - McKinley Docudrama
Frozen at twenty thousand feet Denali - McK...
Vertical limit 2000 Martin Campbell, Columbia Pictures K2 Drama
Vertical limit K2
Sturm in der ostwand 1950 Rolf Hansen, Sokal-Film, Rolf Hansen Film Piz Palü Drama
Sturm in der ostwand Piz Palü
Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palü Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palu 1929 Arnold Fanck, Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Sokal-Film Piz Palü Drama
Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palü Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palu Piz Palü
Im banne des Monte Miracolo 1945 Luis Trenker, Società Italiana Cines, Tirol-Film Pennine Alps Drama
Im banne des Monte Miracolo Pennine Alps