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Found films (103)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Move 2013 Austin Siadak, Duct Tape Then Beer, Arc'teryx Documentary
Escalade - Sécurité & Progression 2008 Walfroy Constant, Yeti Production, Tchookar Documentary
Escalade - Sécurité & Progression
Scottish Icetrip 2009 Guillaume Broust, Petzl Ben Nevis, Cummingston, Glen Coe Documentary
Scottish Icetrip Ben Nevis
Glen Coe
Sherpa - The proving grounds 2002 Win Whittaker, Whittaker Productions Everest Documentary
Sherpa - The proving grounds Everest
Mensch und fels im ausnahmezustand 2011 Gerald Salmina, Herbert Ranggetiner, Planet Watch, ServusTV Felbertauern, Falkenstein, Laserz Documentary
Mensch und fels im ausnahmezustand Felbertauern
Ice climb 1993 Robert Carmichael, Judith Sobol, National Geographic Bridalveil Falls, Cornet Falls Documentary
Ice climb Bridalveil F...
Cornet Falls
The Tom Whittaker story 2001 M.D. Morgan, Milagro Beanfield Films Everest Documentary
The Tom Whittaker story Everest
The Climb - Behind the scenes 2002 John Schmidt, Dean River Productions, World Wide Pictures The Quarry Indoor Climbing Center Documentary
The Climb - Behind the scenes The Quarry I...
Le défi de Jamie 2001 Ian Taylor, Gédéon, France 3 Arête des Cosmiques, Les Droites Documentary
Le défi de Jamie Arête des Co...
Les Droites
L'escalade - Par Catherine Destivelle 1992 Stéphane Deplus, Almeriades Fontainebleau Documentary
L'escalade - Par Catherine Destivelle Fontainebleau