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Found films (1603)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
La conquista del Cervino 1962 Luciano Viazzi, Club Alpino Italiano Matterhorn Documentary
La conquista del Cervino Matterhorn
Volcano above the clouds 2003 Hugh Thomson, Meridian, Gédéon, France 5, SWR, WGBH, NHK Mount Kilimanjaro Documentary
Volcano above the clouds Mount Kilima...
Deadly ascent 2006 Liesl Clark, WGBH, Providence Pictures Denali - McKinley Documentary
Deadly ascent Denali - McK...
The ascent of Mont Blanc 1902 Frank Ormiston-Smith, Warwick Trading Company Mont Blanc Documentary
The ascent of Mont Blanc Mont Blanc
Ascent of the Jungfrau 1903 Frank Ormiston-Smith, Charles Urban Trading Company Jungfrau Documentary
Ascent of the Jungfrau Jungfrau
The ascent of the Matterhorn 1913 Frederick Burlingham, British and Colonial Kinematograph Matterhorn Documentary
The ascent of the Matterhorn Matterhorn
Non così lontano 2012 Hervé Barmasse, ASD Les Yeux du Mont Cervin Monte Brouillard, Picco Muzio, Signalkuppe, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa Documentary
Non così lontano Monte Brouil...
Picco Muzio
Two on K2 2013 Dariusz Załuski K2 Documentary
Two on K2 K2
Sesto grado in Patagonia 1966 Renato Cepparo, Club Alpino Italiano Torre Central del Paine, Torre Sur del Paine Documentary
Sesto grado in Patagonia Torre Centra...
Torre Sur de...
Lhotse 1981 - Južna stena 2011 Borko Radešček, Dušica Kunaver, Aleš Kunaver Lhotse Documentary
Lhotse 1981 - Južna stena Lhotse