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    • Australia 
    • B/W sound
    • 16 min 

    Mishaps of Seduction and Conquest 1984 poster a.jpg


    • France 
    • Color
    • 9 min 

    Serac 1983 poster a2.jpg


    • France 
    • B/W sound
    • 22 min 


    • USA 
    • Color
    • 28 min 

    Humour and drama play strong roles in this fictionalized account of two climbers tackling Yosemite's El Capitan. Winner of Best Film on Mountain Sports.

    Over the edge 1989 poster a.jpg


    • Netherlands 
    • 3D
    • 11 min 


    Balance 2012 poster a.jpg


    • Poland 
    • B/W silent
    • 68 min 

    It is an amatour movie about two orphans Zosia and Wladek.
    Zosia falls in love with Janek, a popular hunter, but he is in love with Hanka, who fancies mountain climber called Andrzej. One day hanka and andrzej go for a walk up to the mountains and meet snowfall. Jasiek go to rescue couple but there is no sign after Hanka (no track after something, someone, is similar to this English phrase and make the movie title more obvious).
    Desperated Andrzej cannot find the girl so he goes to look for her alone.Next day unconcious is taken by Zosia to home where found Hanka is waiting for him....so happy together just sad Janek reaalize he never get hanka and goes by white track to look for soul peace in the mauntains and lonliness...

    Bialy slad 1932 poster a2.jpg


    • USA 
    • B/W silent
    • 99 min 

    An Austrian military officer and roue' attempts to seduce the wife of a surgeon. The two men confront each other in a test of abilities that ends surprisingly.

    Blind husbands 1919 poster a.jpg


    • Subgenre

      Mountain Drama
    • About

    • France / Germany 
    • B/W sound
    • 109 min 

    While Dimai with his men defended the Dolomites Col Alto, Franchini has been ordered to take the hill. The Italians try to blow up the Col Alto in the air, but Dimai manages to save his comrades and to keep the mountain. When the war is over, and Franchini Dimai meet again. Their friendship has survived the war.

    Berge in flammen 1931 poster a.jpg


    • Ukraine 
    • Color
    • 88 min 

    Maks Pavlov - the noble, self-sufficient, courageous. He's one of those who were not satisfied with ordinary life and quiet operation. Max - a climber-extremal. He single-handedly conquer the famous "Wall of Death", the top of the Pamirs and the Himalayas. Max succeeds in business and in love, faithful to his girlfriend Marina. He has a best friend and partner - Lech. But once in the event of disaster, who becomes his personal disaster. ... At night, the river that crosses the city, ready to bring down cable-stayed bridge - at the top of the supports, loosened the old mount guys. Transportation companies are suffering huge losses - are covered important trade highway vehicles and river trade fleet. On the bridge immediately called MOE. Only one solution - to lift up the industrial climber. Nobody is ready to go on a dangerous area - only Max Pavlov. The more transport companies are willing to pay for the repair of a large sum of money. Marina opposed - but Max is not accustomed to consult with anyone in my life. He leaves his beloved home, and after an hour already eliminates breakage. And all would be well-formed, but at the last moment, Max brings insurance. At the sight of a large number of people Climber breaks with support and after a fall from a great height strongly beats on the water ...

    Alpinist 2008 poster a.jpg


    • Italy 
    • Color
    • 3 min 

    Black out 1988 poster a.jpg


Found films (146)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Mishaps of seduction and conquest 1984 Jane Campion, Australian Film and Television School Everest Drama
Mishaps of seduction and conquest Everest
Sérac 1983 Laurent Chevallier, Marie-Hélène Quinton, Cinémarc Drama
Cimes 1941 Jean Vernet, Films de Cavaignac Mont Pelvoux Drama
Cimes Mont Pelvoux
Over the edge 1989 Iain Stobie, Katie Johnston, Pyramid Films El Capitan Drama
Over the edge El Capitan
Balance 2012 Mark Ram, Act2Act, Deepeei Film Productions Drama
Bialy slad 1932 Adam Krzeptowski, Asterfilm Tatra Mountains Drama
Bialy slad Tatra Mountains
Blind husbands 1919 Erich Von Stroheim, Universal Pictures Monte Cristallo Drama
Blind husbands Monte Cristallo
Berge in flammen 1931 Luis Trenker, Karl Hartl, Les Films Marcel Vandal et Charles Delac Torre Fanes, Col Alto Drama
Berge in flammen Torre Fanes
Col Alto
Alpinist 2008 Aleksandr Kirienko, Studiya Avrora Drama
Black out 1988 Aldo Audisio, Vincenzo Pasquali, Museo Nazionale della Montagna Drama
Black out