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Tommy Caldwell

Found films (24)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Big stone 1999 Drew Bedford, Bomb-Proof Productions Moonlight Buttress, El Capitan Documentary
Big stone Moonlight Bu...
El Capitan
Dosage III 2005 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions Ha Long Bay, Smith Rock, Ozark Mountains, Chironico, Yosemite National Park Documentary
Dosage III Ha Long Bay
Smith Rock
Ozark Mountains
Yosemite Nat...
Dosage IV 2006 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions Squamish, Chironico, Hueco Tanks, Yosemite National Park Documentary
Dosage IV Squamish
Hueco Tanks
Yosemite Nat...
Dosage V 2008 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions Yosemite National Park, Ozark Mountains, Yangshuo Documentary
Dosage V Yosemite Nat...
Ozark Mountains
Hoods 'n' the woods 1999 Ground Zero Motion Pictures Hueco Tanks, Front Range Documentary
Hoods 'n' the woods Hueco Tanks
Front Range
Progression 2009 Josh Lowell, Cooper Roberts, Brett Lowell, Big Up Productions Clark Mountain, Oliana, Margalef, Rocklands, El Capitan, Bishop, Curbar Edge, Black Rocks, Burbage South Edge Documentary
Progression Clark Mountain
Canyon walls 2008 Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, Big Up Productions, Sender Films North Canyon Documentary
Canyon walls North Canyon
Project Dawn Wall 2011 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions El Capitan Documentary
Project Dawn Wall El Capitan
Drawn 2014 Jeremy Collins Acopan Tepui, Keketuohai, Vampire Spires, Yosemite National Park Documentary
Drawn Acopan Tepui
Vampire Spires
Yosemite Nat...
Epic climber 2015 Alan Sim, EpicTV Aiguille du Midi, Balme, Passy Varan, Rawyl Documentary
Epic climber Aiguille du ...
Passy Varan