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Roger Blin

    • France 
    • Color
    • 78 min 

    Docudrama about some of the more spectacular exploits of French mountain climbers over the last several decades.

    Les etoiles de midi 1959 poster a.jpg


    • France 
    • B/W sound
    • 106 min 

    For many years, Jean Servettaz has worked as a mountain guide in Chamonix but, too aware of the risks of his profession, he gives this up so that he can run a guest house for tourists. He intends that his son Pierre will follow his example and become a hotelier but Pierre is too in love with the mountains to even consider such an idea. A head injury sustained in a climbing accident puts paid to Pierre's dreams of becoming a guide. Afflicted with vertigo, he leaves for Paris and works as a receptionist in a luxury hotel. It isn't long before Pierre is drawn back to the snow-capped mountains and, with the help of his fiancée Alice he makes another attempt to overcome his fear of heights. When his father is caught in a thunderstorm whilst taking a tourist across a hazardous stretch of the mountains Pierre has a chance to prove himself...

    Premier de cordee 1944 poster a.jpg


    • Subgenre

      Mountain Drama
    • About

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