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Robert Freitag

    • Italy / Germany 
    • Color
    • 87 min 

    Plain-looking Giovanni Testa can barely support his family from his artisan wharf. Angelic son Carlito is the meat in the sandwich when Giovanni's sexy wife Teresa bitterly compares him to his wealthy brother, ruthless businessman Enzo. Although innocent, Giovanni flees under the assumed name Guglielmo Razoni when Enzo is murdered just after they had a loud row when he asked in vain for a loan. Giovanni starts a new life as construction worker on a dam in the Dolomites, but gets entangled in more love and crime drama, while an old rival makes a move on Teresa.

    Flucht in die dolomiten 1955 poster a.jpg


    • Germany 
    • Color
    • 93 min 

    Von der liebe besiegt is a drama about alpinism that takes place in Matterhorn. It was directed by Luis Trenker in 1956 and produced by Meteor-Film. It features Marianne Hold, Wolfgang Preiss, Fritz Tillmann, Robert Freitag, Luis Trenker, Armin Schweizer and others.

    Von der Liebe Besiegt 1956 poster a.jpg


    • Switzerland 
    • B/W sound
    • 90 min 

    SOS Gletscherpilot is a drama about alpinism that takes place in Dent Blanche. It was directed by Victor Vicas in 1959 and produced by Unitas Film. It features Annemarie Düringer, Robert Freitag, Hannes Schmidhauser, Leopold Biberti, Hermann Geiger, Patrick Jordan and others.

    SOS Gletscherpilot 1959 poster a.jpg


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