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Paul Claus

    • Austria 
    • Color
    • 101 min 

    A dramatic and awe-inspiring feature documentary following three of the world's greatest ski mountaineers to the Mount St. Elias in their attempt to realize the longest ski descent of the world. "Mount St. Elias" is about a visionary borderline experience where unparalleled physical and mental pressure pushes them to the absolute limit. They find themselves in puristic situations, in which heroism cannot easily be distinguished from folly. Situations which can only be mastered if rationality is turned down and in which courage as well as trust in their own abilities, and, last but not least, luck are used as guidelines. Two Austrian ski alpinisits Axel Naglich and Peter Ressmann as well as the American freeski pro Jon Jonhston are facing this breathtaking challenge! A team with individual abilities, but also a team of leaders, knowing they literally cannot survive without teamwork and cooperation. Especially Axel Naglich who unconsciously takes the role of the protagonist due to his authentic personality and, within the permanent struggle not against nature but against himself, polarizes as a strong character. A movie that finally shows why it is the mountains which unite lethal danger and delirious happiness.

    Mount St Elias 2009 poster a.jpg


    • Austria 
    • Color
    • 60 min 

    The making of Mount St. Elias is a documentary about alpinism that takes place in Mount Saint Elias. It was directed by Gerald Salmina in 2009 and produced by Planet Watch. It features Gerald Salmina, Axel Naglich, Günther Göberl, Anselme Baud, Paul Claus, Peter Ressmann and others.

    The Making of Mount St Elias 2009 poster a.jpg

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