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Nicole Pompening

    • Austria 
    • Color
    • 51 min 

    What happens when a crazy moviemaker meets a crazy boulderer and they decide to make a movie together? You could call it preprogrammed chaos, or the beginning of a joint vision. Camera work and direction show bouldering in a unique style. The philosophy and climbing artistry of Bernd Zangerl top the film off. Each of the locations -- Ticino, Magic Wood and the Silvretta Mountains -- has its own character, style and ambiance. "Every centimetre has its own significance. As in Humboldt’s view of nature, thought and feeling merge and result here in the synthesis of man and rock, the rock anthropomorphized, the human lithified." The best and most beautiful first climbs of Bernd Zangerl are documented on film, along with spectacular highballs and low water soloing.

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