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Jim Whittaker

Found films (11)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Americans on Everest 1965 Norman Dyhrenfurth, National Geographic, David L. Wolper Productions Everest Documentary
Americans on Everest Everest
Three flags over Everest 1990 Laszlo Pal, Pal Productions Everest Documentary
Three flags over Everest Everest
High and hallowed - Everest 1963 2013 Jake Norton, David Morton, Jim Aikman, Berg-Und Sportfilm, Climb Journey Live, MountainWorld Productions Everest Documentary
High and hallowed - Everest 1963 Everest
High Tension 2013 Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Zachary Barr, Big Up Productions, Sender Films Everest, Lhotse Documentary
High Tension Everest
Everest - Blood, sweat and tears 1993 Allen Jewhurst, Yorkshire Television Everest Documentary
Everest - Blood, sweat and tears Everest
Surviving Everest 1993 Jack McDonald, Martha Conboy, National Geographic Everest Documentary
Surviving Everest Everest
To climb a mountain 1981 Rick Ridgeway, Baker Street Entertainment, HBO Mount Rainier Documentary
To climb a mountain Mount Rainier
Karakoram 1976 Laszlo Pal, Steve Marts, 1975 American K2 Expedition, Pal Productions K2 Documentary
Karakoram K2
Winds of Everest 1985 Laszlo Pal, Pal Productions Everest Documentary
Winds of Everest Everest
Sherpa - The proving grounds 2002 Win Whittaker, Whittaker Productions Everest Documentary
Sherpa - The proving grounds Everest