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Jacky Godoffe

Found films (6)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Bleau 1999 Reuben May, Tribal Productions Fontainebleau Documentary
Bleau Fontainebleau
Tour de blocs 2002 Lorraine Januzelli, Chinook Films Fontainebleau Documentary
Tour de blocs Fontainebleau
Out of sight 2013 Neil Hart Fontainebleau Documentary
Out of sight Fontainebleau
Pure 2009 Chuck Fryberger, Chuck Fryberger Films Rocklands, Sonoma, Fontainebleau, Innsbruck, Arco, Magic Wood, Brione Documentary
Pure Rocklands
Out of sight II 2014 Neil Hart Fontainebleau Documentary
Out of sight II Fontainebleau
Les saisons libres 2006 Daniel Du Lac, Marc de Langehagen, Cocottes Minute Productions, France 3 Dentelles de Montmirail, Mont Blanc Massif, Fontainebleau, Aconcagua, Lac de Capitello Documentary
Les saisons libres Dentelles de...
Mont Blanc M...
Lac de Capit...