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Igor Martinez

    • France 
    • Color
    • 57 min 

    Surging out from an extraordinary sandstone mesa that looms above the Amazonian rain forest, Salto Angel touches the ground after a free fall of almost 1000 metres, making it the highest waterfall on Earth. An international team comprising some of the world's best climbers attempts to ascend the wall next to the falls. After a long river ride in canoes through the jungle, their project sees them spend 15 days on the wall under challenging conditions. Will the team reach the summit, this mythic place of exploration and a veritable sanctuary of nature?

    Amazonian Vertigo 2006 poster a.jpg


    • USA 
    • Color
    • 65 min 

    Filmed on location in France, California, Venezuela, Greece, Utah and Mallorca, Spain, "King Lines" captures Chris Sharma's most outrageous ascents and visionary projects, and explores his fascinating lifestyle as a nomadic professional climber and global citizen.

    King Lines 2007 poster a.jpg


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