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Found films (11)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Grappling with the Ogre 1995 Leo Dickinson, HTV, Lifetime Broadcast The Ogre Docudrama
Grappling with the Ogre The Ogre
Hanging by a thread 1995 Leo Dickinson, HTV, Lifetime Broadcast Les Drus Docudrama
Hanging by a thread Les Drus
Everest unmasked 1978 Leo Dickinson, HTV Everest Documentary
Everest unmasked Everest
Eiger solo 1983 Leo Dickinson, HTV, ITV Eiger Documentary
Eiger solo Eiger
Matterhorn 1975 Leo Dickinson, HTV, Leo Dickinson Matterhorn Documentary
Matterhorn Matterhorn
The Cerro Torre enigma 1978 Leo Dickinson, HTV Cerro Torre Documentary
The Cerro Torre enigma Cerro Torre
Filming the impossible 1981 Leo Dickinson, HTV Matterhorn, Everest, Eiger, Dhaulagiri, Volcán Lautaro Documentary
Filming the impossible Matterhorn
Volcán Lautaro
Land of mist and fire 1978 Leo Dickinson, HTV Volcán Lautaro, Volcán Mimosa Documentary
Land of mist and fire Volcán Lautaro
Volcán Mimosa
Mountains for the masses 1973 Geraint Rees, HTV Clogwyn Du'r Arddu Documentary
Mountains for the masses Clogwyn Du'r...
The coming of the mountaineer 1973 Geraint Rees, HTV Snowdonia Documentary
The coming of the mountaineer Snowdonia