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Hermann Geiger

    • Germany 
    • Color
    • 93 min 

    Von der liebe besiegt is a drama about alpinism that takes place in Matterhorn. It was directed by Luis Trenker in 1956 and produced by Meteor-Film. It features Marianne Hold, Wolfgang Preiss, Fritz Tillmann, Robert Freitag, Luis Trenker, Armin Schweizer and others.

    Von der Liebe Besiegt 1956 poster a.jpg


    • USA 
    • B/W sound
    • 49 min 

    Perilous Assignment originally aired on November 6th, 1959 on the TV series Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. After Walt’s introduction, we were introduced to Gaston Rebuffat, a French mountain guide. In those days it was very uncommon for an outsider to become an official guide of the Alps. That speaks to how talented he was. He would go on to serve as Mountain’s guide and second-unit director. Assignment was promoted as an in-depth study of the art of mountain climbing, but some felt it was more of an hour-long commercial for the soon-to-be-released Mountain. I felt it was a little bit of both. Sure they threw in some behind the scenes footage of the filming of the movie, but there were also a few pretty detailed lessons on how to properly scale a mountain. In fact I will have to steal the tag line from Mountain’s promotional poster and say the climbing footage was BREATHTAKING. Some of the maneuvers Rebuffat performed were simply amazing, as he was accompanied by his much less-skilled yet determined companion, Maurice.

    Perilous assignment 1959 poster a.jpg


    • Switzerland 
    • B/W sound
    • 90 min 

    SOS Gletscherpilot is a drama about alpinism that takes place in Dent Blanche. It was directed by Victor Vicas in 1959 and produced by Unitas Film. It features Annemarie Düringer, Robert Freitag, Hannes Schmidhauser, Leopold Biberti, Hermann Geiger, Patrick Jordan and others.

    SOS Gletscherpilot 1959 poster a.jpg


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