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Eric Simonson

Found films (13)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Lost on Everest 1999 Liesl Clark, Peter Firstbook, WGBH, BBC, ZDF Everest Documentary
Lost on Everest Everest
The quest 1997 Maria Zone, Goldhil Home Media, Atlas Media Corp Everest Documentary
The quest Everest
Tempting fate 1997 Maria Zone, Atlas Media Corp, Goldhil Home Media Everest Documentary
Tempting fate Everest
Ascend Mount Rainier 2002 Kirk Burpee, Weekend Climber Productions Mount Rainier Documentary
Ascend Mount Rainier Mount Rainier
Everest - Ten on top 1991 Markus Hutnak, American Foundation for International Mountaineering Everest Documentary
Everest - Ten on top Everest
Mount Everest - The summit of dreams 1995 Eric Simonson, Montage Multi Image, Peak Media Everest Documentary
Mount Everest - The summit of dreams Everest
High Tension 2013 Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Zachary Barr, Big Up Productions, Sender Films Everest, Lhotse Documentary
High Tension Everest
Everest - Beyond the limit - Season 3 2007 Chris Richards, Edmund Wardle, Tigress productions Everest Documentary
Everest - Beyond the limit - Season 3 Everest
Denali traverse 1974 Joel H. Schroedel, Fisher Broadcasting Inc., KOMO-TV Denali - McKinley Documentary
Denali traverse Denali - McK...
Everest dreams 2000 Michael Brown, Serac Adventure Films, NBC Everest Documentary
Everest dreams Everest