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Found films (36)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
7 Pareta, 7 Kontinente - Fitz Roy 2006 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB Fitz Roy Documentary
7 Pareta, 7 Kontinente - Fitz Roy Fitz Roy
Madagaskar - Bravo les filles 2008 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB Tsaranoro Cliffs Documentary
Madagaskar - Bravo les filles Tsaranoro Cl...
Antartika - Zerua Peak 2008 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB Zerua Peak Documentary
Antartika - Zerua Peak Zerua Peak
Patagonia - Fitz Roy 2008 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB Fitz Roy Documentary
Patagonia - Fitz Roy Fitz Roy
Tasmania - Totem Pole 2008 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB Totem Pole (AUS) Documentary
Tasmania - Totem Pole Totem Pole (...
Karakorum - Trangoko Dorrea 2008 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB Nameless Tower Documentary
Karakorum - Trangoko Dorrea Nameless Tower
Yosemite - El Niño 2008 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB El Capitan Documentary
Yosemite - El Niño El Capitan
Europa - Zunbeltz 2008 Jabier Baraizarra, EiTB Naranjo de Bulnes Documentary
Europa - Zunbeltz Naranjo de B...
Afrikako Izotzetan 2003 Alberto Iñurrategi, EiTB, Iñurrategi Anaiak S.L. Mount Kenya Documentary
Afrikako Izotzetan Mount Kenya
Annapurna - Sueño y vacío 2002 Alberto Iñurrategi, EiTB Annapurna Documentary
Annapurna - Sueño y vacío Annapurna