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Ed Viesturs

Found films (21)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Vertical limit 2000 Martin Campbell, Columbia Pictures K2 Drama
Vertical limit K2
Trio for one 2009 Shay J. Katz, A ProPos, Lafaille Productions Nanga Parbat, Dhaulagiri, Broad Peak Documentary
Trio for one Nanga Parbat
Broad Peak
Everest 1998 David Breashears, Greg MacGillivray, Stephen Judson, MacGillivray Freeman Films, Arcturus Motion Pictures Everest, Cabo San Lucas Documentary
Everest Everest
Cabo San Lucas
Everest - The death Zone 1998 David Breashears, Liesl Clark, WGBH Everest Documentary
Everest - The death Zone Everest
L'Everest à tout prix 1999 Jean Afanassieff, Planete, MC4 Everest Documentary
L'Everest à tout prix Everest
Three flags over Everest 1990 Laszlo Pal, Pal Productions Everest Documentary
Three flags over Everest Everest
Surviving vertical limit 2000 Jay Berriman, Columbia Pictures K2, Mount Cook, Southern Alps Documentary
Surviving vertical limit K2
Mount Cook
Southern Alps
Mount Everest - The movie 1998 Roger Goodman, ABC Everest Documentary
Mount Everest - The movie Everest
The making of Everest 1997 Laura Davis, MacGillivray Freeman Films Everest, Mount Washington, Cabo San Lucas Documentary
The making of Everest Everest
Mount Washin...
Cabo San Lucas
Alpine mountaineering on Mt. Rainier 2000 John Plummer, Peter Whittaker, Summits Media Group Mount Rainier Documentary
Alpine mountaineering on Mt. Rainier Mount Rainier