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Dougal Haston

Found films (9)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Haston - A life in the mountains 2005 Mike Alexander, Pelicula Films Everest, Eiger, Annapurna, Ben Nevis Documentary
Haston - A life in the mountains Everest
Ben Nevis
The Bat 1978 Jim Curran, Tony Riley, Northern Films Ben Nevis Docudrama
The Bat Ben Nevis
Everest - The hard way 1975 Allen Jewhurst, BBC Everest Documentary
Everest - The hard way Everest
The Old Man of Hoy 1967 Philip Gilbert, BBC Old Man of Hoy Documentary
The Old Man of Hoy Old Man of Hoy
Climb up to hell 1968 Christopher Brasher, BBC Eiger Documentary
Climb up to hell Eiger
Annapurna South face 1971 John Edwards, Thames Television Annapurna Documentary
Annapurna South face Annapurna
Don Whillans - Myth and legend 2006 Leo Dickinson, Leo Dickinson Everest, Torre Central del Paine, The Roaches, Chatsworth Edge, Heptonstall, Burbage, Dinas Cromlech, Annapurna, Eiger, Torre Egger Documentary
Don Whillans - Myth and legend Everest
Torre Centra...
The Roaches
Chatsworth Edge
Surrender to Everest 1972 Antony Thomas, Ned Kelly, BBC Everest Documentary
Surrender to Everest Everest
Surviving Everest 1993 Jack McDonald, Martha Conboy, National Geographic Everest Documentary
Surviving Everest Everest