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Christian Core

Found films (5)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Bishop 2000 Michael Reardon, TGRS Productions Little Egypt, Druid Stones, Happy Boulders, Owens River Gorge Documentary
Bishop Little Egypt
Druid Stones
Happy Boulders
Owens River ...
Dispenser 2002 Marzio Nardi Fiera di Primiero, Villarbasse, Colle del Lis, Rosone, Il Cubo, Chironico, Bside Torino Documentary
Dispenser Fiera di Pri...
Colle del Lis
My climbing life 2006 Stella Marchisio, Christian Core, Antersass Cresciano, Hueco Tanks, Rocklands, Rifugio Barbara, Albarracín Documentary
My climbing life Cresciano
Hueco Tanks
Rifugio Barbara
I Core - My climbing family 2012 Angelo Poli, Angelo Poli Varazze Documentary
I Core - My climbing family Varazze
Rubare metri al cielo 2006 Enrico Verra, Federico Guarini, Pubbliviva Documentary
Rubare metri al cielo