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Chris Sharma

Found films (50)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Dosage V 2008 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions Yosemite National Park, Ozark Mountains, Yangshuo Documentary
Dosage V Yosemite Nat...
Ozark Mountains
Fast twitch 1997 Mike Call, MC Productions Virgin River Gorge, Smith Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Joe's Valley, Hueco Tanks Documentary
Fast twitch Virgin River...
Smith Rock
Joshua Tree ...
Little Cotto...
Free Hueco! 1998 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions Hueco Tanks Documentary
Free Hueco! Hueco Tanks
Hoods 'n' the woods 1999 Ground Zero Motion Pictures Hueco Tanks, Front Range Documentary
Hoods 'n' the woods Hueco Tanks
Front Range
Inertia 1999 Paul Dusatko, Integrity 7 Black Mountain, The Tramway Documentary
Inertia Black Mountain
The Tramway
King lines 2007 Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, Big Up Productions, Sender Films Porto Cristo, Clark Mountain, Bishop, Montagne de Céüse, Moonlight Buttress, Kukenan Tepui Documentary
King lines Porto Cristo
Clark Mountain
Montagne de ...
Pilgrimage 2003 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions Hampi Documentary
Pilgrimage Hampi
Rampage 1999 Josh Lowell, Big Up Productions Castle Rocks State Park, Lake Tahoe, Priest Draw, Black Mountain, The Tramway, Squamish, Humboldt County Documentary
Rampage Castle Rocks...
Lake Tahoe
Priest Draw
Black Mountain
The road 2003 Mike Call, MC Productions Bishop, Hueco Tanks, Triassic, The Gunks Documentary
The road Bishop
Hueco Tanks
The Gunks
West coast pimp 2000 Steve Montesanto, Tim Steele, Soma Entertainment Bishop, Indian Rock, The Buttermilks, Yosemite National Park, Castle Rocks State Park Documentary
West coast pimp Bishop
Indian Rock
The Buttermilks
Yosemite Nat...
Castle Rocks...