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Charley Mace

Found films (7)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Blindsight 2006 Lucy Walker, Robson Entertainment Lhakpa Ri, Everest Documentary
Blindsight Lhakpa Ri
Conquering the climb 2012 Judy Plavnick Kiley, Pentagon Channel Kala Patthar Documentary
Conquering the climb Kala Patthar
High ground 2012 Michael Brown, Khumbu Pictures, Serac Adventure Films, Stone Circle Pictures Kala Patthar Documentary
High ground Kala Patthar
1993 American Gasherbrum II expedition 1993 Jim Sheppard, Thor Kieser, Condor Adventures Gasherbrum II Documentary
1993 American Gasherbrum II expedition Gasherbrum II
High and hallowed - Everest 1963 2013 Jake Norton, David Morton, Jim Aikman, Berg-Und Sportfilm, Climb Journey Live, MountainWorld Productions Everest Documentary
High and hallowed - Everest 1963 Everest
Farther than the eye can see 2003 Michael Brown, Serac Adventure Films, Outside Television, Aperture Films Everest Documentary
Farther than the eye can see Everest
Blind and naked 2009 Cedar Wright, Access Fund, Rock Monkey Media Redgarden Wall Documentary
Blind and naked Redgarden Wall