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Chameleon Productions

Found films (7)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Barnaj 1979 Allen Jewhurst, Chameleon Productions Barnaj II Documentary
Barnaj Barnaj II
Chris Bonington - The Everest years 1987 Allen Jewhurst, Border Television, Chameleon Productions Everest, K2, The Ogre, Annapurna, Ben Nevis, Cheddar Gorge, Bramma, Kongur Documentary
Chris Bonington - The Everest years Everest
The Ogre
The hard face of the Ogre 1992 Chris Lister, Chameleon Productions The Ogre Documentary
The hard face of the Ogre The Ogre
Trango 1978 Chris Lister, Chameleon Productions Nameless Tower Documentary
Trango Nameless Tower
The Logan run 1991 Chris Lister, Chameleon Productions Mount Logan Documentary
The Logan run Mount Logan
Climbing for the Fatherland 2001 Kevin Sim, Chameleon Productions Eiger Documentary
Climbing for the Fatherland Eiger
Everest in winter 1981 Allen Jewhurst, Chameleon Productions Everest Documentary
Everest in winter Everest