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Catherine Destivelle

Found films (26)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Solo Thai 1989 Laurent Chevallier, Aigle Productions Phi Phi Islands Documentary
Solo Thai Phi Phi Islands
Catherine Destivelle 1992 Stéphane Deplus, Almeriades Eiger, Les Drus, Verdon Gorge, Bandiagara Escarpment, Phi Phi Islands, Fontainebleau, Moses Tower Documentary
Catherine Destivelle Eiger
Les Drus
Verdon Gorge
Bandiagara E...
Solitude en tête 1992 Bernard Choquet, DWD Les Drus Documentary
Solitude en tête Les Drus
The Nameless Tower 1991 David Breashears, Adventure World Productions, ESPN Nameless Tower Documentary
The Nameless Tower Nameless Tower
Matterhorn - Das letzte Wort hat der Berg 2012 Gerald Salmina, Jochen Hemmleb, Bluebird Film Matterhorn Documentary
Matterhorn - Das letzte Wort hat der Berg Matterhorn
Ascent of Mars Mountain 2004 Greg Lanning, Laurent Lichtenstein, Bonne Pioche, Moonbeam Films Olympus Mons, Indian Creek Documentary
Ascent of Mars Mountain Olympus Mons
Indian Creek
The Rock Queen 1988 Martin Belderson, Northern Films, Discovery Channel Old Man of Hoy Documentary
The Rock Queen Old Man of Hoy
Jeff Lowe's Metanoia 2014 Jim Aikman, Adaptable Man Productions Eiger, Nameless Tower, Latok I, Ama Dablam Documentary
Jeff Lowe's Metanoia Eiger
Nameless Tower
Latok I
Ama Dablam
Chamonix - Mont Blanc, une histoire de conquêtes 2015 Jeanne Mascolo de Fillipis, France 3, MC4, Montagne TV, INA, Point Prod Mont Blanc Massif, Mont Blanc, Aiguille du Midi, Grand Capucin, Les Drus Documentary
Chamonix - Mont Blanc, une histoire de conquêtes Mont Blanc M...
Mont Blanc
Aiguille du ...
Grand Capucin
Les Drus
Grimpeur étoile 1989 Laurent Chevallier, Image Connection, Antenne 2, Audiovisuel Multimedia International, HR, Cinétévé Fontainebleau, Cirque de Calès Drama
Grimpeur étoile Fontainebleau
Cirque de Calès