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Bernd Zangerl

Found films (9)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Arctic ambitions 2011 Josh Knox, Red Bull Vingsand Documentary
Arctic ambitions Vingsand
Northern beats 2011 Bernd Zangerl, Cheekyfire Vingsand Documentary
Northern beats Vingsand
Evolution / Revolution 2 2002 Udo Neuman, Udini Mediaworks Bavarian Alps, Cresciano, Porto Cristo Documentary
Evolution / Revolution 2 Bavarian Alps
Porto Cristo
Memento 2006 Gerald Salmina, Planet Watch Chironico, Magic Wood, Silvretta Documentary
Memento Chironico
Magic Wood
MVM - Volume 2 2007 Mike Call, Momentum Media Joe's Valley, Mount Evans, Rifle, The Tramway, Rocklands, Rocktown Documentary
MVM - Volume 2 Joe's Valley
Mount Evans
The Tramway
Rocklands 2008 Hein de Vos, Renegade Rocklands Documentary
Rocklands Rocklands
Same same but different 2013 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut Gorropu Gorge, Parete di Sonlerto, Feuerhorn Documentary
Same same but different Gorropu Gorge
Parete di So...
Better than chocolate 2011 Haroun Souirji, HS Productions Magic Wood, Chironico, Cresciano, Brione, Osogna Documentary
Better than chocolate Magic Wood
No comment 2002 Gerhard Hörhager, Richard Schipflinger, Riroc Pictures Cresciano, Frankenjura, Peak District, Magic Wood Documentary
No comment Cresciano
Peak District
Magic Wood