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Arnaud Petit

Found films (12)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Tough enough Madagascar 2009 Laurent Triay, Work Less Climb More Karambony Documentary
Tough enough Madagascar Karambony
Amazonian vertigo 2006 Evrard Wendenbaum, Migoo Salto Ángel Documentary
Amazonian vertigo Salto Ángel
Sauvage 2000 François Coffy, Alapic Fontainebleau, Castillon, Roquevaire, Rodellar, Arimonda, Fetide Beach Documentary
Sauvage Fontainebleau
Black bean 2012 Arnaud Petit, Bertrand Delapierre Montagne de Céüse Documentary
Black bean Montagne de ...
J'ai demandé la lune au rocher 2013 Bertrand Delapierre, Bodet-Delapierre Teghie Lisce, La Pedriza Documentary
J'ai demandé la lune au rocher Teghie Lisce
La Pedriza
Petzl Roctrip China 2011 2012 Vladimir Cellier, Petzl, Baraka Films GeTuHe Documentary
Petzl Roctrip China 2011 GeTuHe
Grand libre au Grand Cap 2010 Bertrand Delapierre Grand Capucin Documentary
Grand libre au Grand Cap Grand Capucin
Autour de Babel 2008 Fred Ripert, Videalise Gorge du Taghia Documentary
Autour de Babel Gorge du Taghia
Roc'n Wall 97 1997 Maurice Rebeix, France 3, Concerto Vertical Orgon, Les Traverses, Branson, Verdon Gorge, La Roche de Rame, Volx, Le Cimaï, Montagne de Céüse, La Balmaz Documentary
Roc'n Wall 97 Orgon
Les Traverses
Verdon Gorge
Lotus Flower 2003 Guillaume Broust, Benoît Robert, Petzl Lotus Flower Tower Documentary
Lotus Flower Lotus Flower...