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Alstrin Films

Found films (7)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Luxury liner 2008 Chris Alstrin, Alstrin Films Indian Creek Documentary
Luxury liner Indian Creek
Wide boyz 2012 Chris Alstrin, Paul Diffley, Hot Aches, Alstrin Films Canyonlands National Park, Vedauwoo, Zion National Park, Millstone Edge, Curbar Edge, Baldstones, Ramshaw Rocks, Harborough Rocks, Brimham Rocks, Stanton Moor Quarry Documentary
Wide boyz Canyonlands ...
Zion Nationa...
Millstone Edge
Higher ground 2008 Alstrin Films, Alex Lavigne, HG Productions North Chasm View Wall, North Ghost, Thunderbird Wall, Stanley Headwall, Ames Wall Documentary
Higher ground North Chasm ...
North Ghost
Thunderbird ...
Stanley Head...
Ames Wall
The continuum project 2010 Chris Alstrin, Alstrin Films The West Temple, Hemsedal, Eidfjord, Elephant’s Perch, Kwangde Shar, Icefall Brook, Lions Head Documentary
The continuum project The West Temple
Elephant’s P...
WayPoint Namibia 2009 Chris Alstrin, Alstrin Films Orabeskopf Documentary
WayPoint Namibia Orabeskopf
Making Tommy 2012 Chris Alstrin, Alstrin Films, Patagonia El Capitan, Twin Owls Documentary
Making Tommy El Capitan
Twin Owls
La vie de Guy Lacelle 2010 Chris Alstrin, Oracle Film Group, Alias Cinema, Alstrin Films Hemsedal, Eidfjord Documentary
La vie de Guy Lacelle Hemsedal