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Found films (14)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Arctic ice 2011 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut Lavangen, Salangen, Sordalen, Lofoten Documentary
Arctic ice Lavangen
Same same but different 2013 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut Gorropu Gorge, Parete di Sonlerto, Feuerhorn Documentary
Same same but different Gorropu Gorge
Parete di So...
Sansara 2013 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut Grubhorn Documentary
Sansara Grubhorn
Frozen Rallye 2014 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut, Adidas Pinnistal Documentary
Frozen Rallye Pinnistal
Iceclimbing in Norway 2014 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut, Adidas Amotan Gorge, NTNU Bibliotek Building Documentary
Iceclimbing in Norway Amotan Gorge
NTNU Bibliot...
Indian Odyssey 2014 Hannes Mair, Red Bull, Alpsolut Badami Documentary
Indian Odyssey Badami
Klettern im Oetzal 2012 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut Tumpen Documentary
Klettern im Oetzal Tumpen
Kristallwand 2015 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut, Vaude Kirchenkogel Documentary
Kristallwand Kirchenkogel
Out of the dark 2014 Hannes Mair, Alpsolut, Adidas Majlis al Jinn, Hadash Documentary
Out of the dark Majlis al Jinn
Patagonien Experience 2012 Hannes Mair, Vaude, Alpsolut Fitz Roy, Aguja Tito Carrasco, Aguja Poincenot, Aguja Guillaumet Documentary
Patagonien Experience Fitz Roy
Aguja Tito C...
Aguja Poincenot
Aguja Guilla...