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Found films (2801)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Der Zinnemann 2014 Markus Frings, Salewa, Media Art Tre Cime di Lavaredo Documentary
Der Zinnemann Tre Cime di ...
La République nous appelle 1954 Hélène Dassonville, René Vernadet, Société Française de Cinématographie Fontainebleau, Aiguille de la République Documentary
La République nous appelle Fontainebleau
Aiguille de ...
Aventure au Cervin 1980 Jean-Marc Boivin, Antenne 2, Société Française de Cinématographie Matterhorn Documentary
Aventure au Cervin Matterhorn
Out of the shadows into the sun 1970 Leo Dickinson, Yorkshire Television Eiger, Malham Cove Documentary
Out of the shadows into the sun Eiger
Malham Cove
Dokumentation einer unzweckmässigkeit 1995 Gerhard König, Co & Kings Kirchlispitzen Documentary
Dokumentation einer unzweckmässigkeit Kirchlispitzen
Italia K2 1955 Marcello Baldi, Cinematografica K2 K2, Tre Cime di Lavaredo Documentary
Italia K2 K2
Tre Cime di ...
Americans on Everest 1965 Norman Dyhrenfurth, National Geographic, David L. Wolper Productions Everest Documentary
Americans on Everest Everest
Les piliers du rêve 1987 Guy Meauxsoone, Antenne 2, MC4, TSR, Cinévision Meteora Documentary
Les piliers du rêve Meteora
La conquista del Cervino 1962 Luciano Viazzi, Club Alpino Italiano Matterhorn Documentary
La conquista del Cervino Matterhorn
Volcano above the clouds 2003 Hugh Thomson, Meridian, Gédéon, France 5, SWR, WGBH, NHK Mount Kilimanjaro Documentary
Volcano above the clouds Mount Kilima...