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    • USA 
    • Color
    • 128 min 

    A classical art professor and collector, who doubles as a professional assassin, is coerced out of retirement to avenge the murder of an old friend.

    The Eiger sanction 1975 poster a.jpg


    • Argentina / Canada / France / G ... 
    • Color
    • 105 min 

    A meeting of two world famous climbers, one an experienced mountaineer the other a sport climber, and a journalist (Ivan) results in a bet on which of the two is the best climber. Roger (the mountaineering expert) states that Martin (the sport climber) wouldn't survive a day on a 'real' climbing expedition, although he is considered to be the world's best sport climber (having just won an indoor 'world championship,' an event depicted in the opening scene). They plan to climb 'Cerro Torre,' in the Patagonia region of South America, near the Argentinian/Chilean border, one of the world's most difficult mountains, especially considering the extreme weather conditions common to the area. The rivalry among the two men results eventually in the death of their common friend and the stealing of Roger's girlfriend (Katrina) by Martin. In the end the rivalry results in a 'climb against time' in which Martin and Roger each attempt different routes up the mountain in a race to the summit. But they're in for a surprise.

    Cerro Torre - Schrei aus Stein 1991 poster a.jpg


    • Canada 
    • Color
    • 174 min 

    The series is based on the book Canadians on Everest: The Courageous Expedition of 1982 by Bruce Patterson of the Times-Colonist newspaper. Based on the true story of the first Canadians to ever make it to the top of the world's tallest and most historic peak. A proud moment for Canadians and an adventure that is filled with bitterness, broken relationships and the bodies of four dead men.

    Everest 2007 poster a.jpg


    • USA 
    • Color
    • 92 min 

    The White Tower, a Matterhorn-like mountain in the Swiss Alps, has never been climbed. Carla Alten's father, a famous mountaineer, died in a long-ago attempt. Now, Carla, determined to fulfill her father's dream, has assembled an unusual climbing party to tackle the nearly-impossible ascent.

    The white tower 1950 poster a.jpg


    • USA 
    • Color
    • 98 min 

    Two professional solo climbers form an uneasy partnership after a successful rescue mission grants them the gift of a lifetime.

    The climb 2002 poster a.jpg


    • France 
    • Color
    • 178 min 

    Based on the classic Roger Frison-Roche novel, "La grande crevasse", these two films tell a story of bravery, tragedy, loyalty and love in the community of Chamonix at the end of the ’30s. It is a place where fashionable society from the great European capitals mingles with local guides and mountain people. Although the two worlds cross, they do not really mix. The men of the Servettaz family have been guides for generations. In "Premier de cordée" and "La grande crevasse", tragedy and love strike the Servattaz family, forever changing them and the community in which they live.

    Premier de cordee 1999 poster a.jpg


    • Canada / USA 
    • Color
    • 94 min 

    The real-life adventure of a dashing Italian soldier who escapes a British prisoner-of-war camp because he dreams of climbing 17,000-foot Mt. Kenya and planting the Italian flag at the summit. The obsessive British camp commander pursues him, and the two men are locked in a battle of wills, fuelled by honor and their love for the same woman.

    The ascent 1994 poster a.jpg


    • Germany 
    • B/W silent
    • 150 min 

    Mount Doom Piz Palu: Here loses Dr. Krafft in an accident his wife Mary. Since then he wanders restlessly over the mountain. Ten years later he appears in a remote mountain cabin at the engagement party of a young couple named John and Mary. Spurred by the project, a group of students wants to climb the summit Krafft. Hans and Mary, to follow him. But the students are buried by an avalanche, Hans falls almost off, and Krafft seriously injured by a falling block of ice. The three climbers must spend the night in the freezing cold. Maria Krafft is his jacket. The next day, John and Mary be saved, Krafft is frozen.

    Die weisse holle vom Piz Palu 1929 poster a.jpg


    • USA 
    • Color
    • 108 min 

    The obsessive love affair between an older Scottish doctor and a younger woman takes a strange turn when they travel together to the Swiss Alps on a short holiday in the 30s.

    Five days one summer 1982 poster a.jpg


    • Canada 
    • Color
    • 83 min 

    A device that controls a powerful Russian-made satellite weapon is stolen by Russian terrorists, who try to escape by flying out but are shot down. The device is now on top of K2. The device is still active and where it will strike is indeterminable. The good guys have to get to the device and deactivate it. Only trouble, it's winter and it'll be difficult to climb K2. A few of the best mountain climbers in the world are recruited to take techs who can deactivate the device to the top of K2. However, before the climbing party leaves, a team member dies, and it might not be natural causes. The group who stole the device might have someone on the team. But they still go on.

    Sub Zero 2005 poster a.jpg


Found films (2801)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
The Eiger sanction 1975 Clint Eastwood, Malpaso Productions, Universal Pictures Eiger, Totem Pole (US), Cerberus Gendarme Drama
The Eiger sanction Eiger
Totem Pole (US)
Cerberus Gen...
Cerro Torre - Schrei aus stein 1991 Werner Herzog, Films A2, Les Films Stock International, Molécule, Neue Constantin Film, Sera Filmproduktion, Wildlife Films Kachoong Cliffs, Cerro Torre Drama
Cerro Torre - Schrei aus stein Kachoong Cliffs
Cerro Torre
Everest 2007 Alberta, Screen Door, Graeme Campbell Everest Drama
Everest Everest
The white tower 1950 Ted Tetzlaff, RKO Pennine Alps Drama
The white tower Pennine Alps
The climb 2002 John Schmidt, Dean River Productions, World Wide Pictures Drama
The climb
Premier de cordée 1999 Edouard Niermans, Pierre-Antoine Hiroz, Gaumont Les Drus, Brévent, Aiguille Verte Drama
Premier de cordée Les Drus
Aiguille Verte
The ascent 1994 Donald Shebib, Cabin Fever Entertainment, RHI Entertainment Mount Kenya Drama
The ascent Mount Kenya
Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palü Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palu 1929 Arnold Fanck, Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Sokal-Film Piz Palü Drama
Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palü Die weisse hölle vom Piz Palu Piz Palü
Five days one summer 1982 Fred Zinnemann, Warner Bros. Bernina Range Drama
Five days one summer Bernina Range
Sub zero 2005 Jim Wynorski, Avrio Filmworks K2 Drama
Sub zero K2