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Rules and recommendations


Opening a MFBD channel requires accepting MFDB's use rules. Failure to
comply with these rules will be a cause to delete the contents and in recurring
and severe cases the channel will be shut down or the user expelled.

Basic rules


Basic rules
For a perfect coexistence between users and to comply with International law copyrights, and other affairs, it's compulsory to use channels correctly and to take into consideration:
Respect: In general it's required to act respectfully with all published content and to avoid any kind of racist, sexist, harassing, abusive, defamatory, transgressive or illegal comment or conduct. This also includes publishing links to other sites with disrespectful content.
• Data revealing: It's not allowed to reveal other users' personal data without their express consent.
• Intellectual property: Before sharing contents through MFDB channels make sure you have the right to do so. We ask you respect author rights, commercial brand copyrights and any other intellectual property rights that may be applicable.
• Illicit content: It is prohibited to publish any content that contravenes laws or that may be considered offensive to other users.
Non warned spoilers: Out of respect for those whom have not yet seen the film we ask you not to reveal any crucial aspects of the story line without warning.
UNFULFILLMENT AND ABUSE If you come across any content in MFDB that you consider to infringe use rules please let us know through the contact form.

All contents that fail to comply with basic rules will be deleted without notice and liable users will be warned. In recurring offence or severe cases, channels will be shut down and users can be expelled by MFDB.




Use recommendations


To maximize outcome from available MFDB channel resources, before opening a channel we suggest you take into account the following recommendations:
• Publish or unpublish the channel: Users have control over their channel status through the publish checkbox in the channel's Profile form. Activating and deactivating the checkbox your channel can be visible or not visible to others without having to delete any of the channel content.
• Title and subtitle: As the channel browser searches through the user, title and subtitle fields, we recommend you use a keyword in the title or subtitle. This way you make it easier for users to find the channel using concepts.
• Channel description: This text helps users understand what kind of channel they have accessed so we recommend you take this into consideration and write quite a descriptive introduction and not too long.
Images: MFDB's image manager accepts JPG and PNG images under 2MB. Uploaded images are scaled and cropped to fit final image proportions. For an optimum result we recommend to upload images either with the same size or the same proportion as the final image displayed on the channel.
Posts: Posts are published in creation order. They are displayed from newest to oldest. If you wish to move an older post and have it come up before a newer one you have to create a new post with the older post's contents and delete the old one.
• Publishing or unpublishing posts: Posts can be visible or non visible for others by using the publishing checkbox. Posts can be left unfinished like drafts and not publish them until they are completed.