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Private messages


MFDB Forum is also the platform from which registered
users can interact directly via private messages.

Finding forum users

How to find a user You can find a user you want to send a private message to, by:
• Opening one of his/her posts: all posts identify the user that wrote them on the right-hand side. Clicking on the user's name you can access his/her profile.
• Searching through the user directory: once you start a forum session through our account, the horizontal panel  shows the link to access the Users directory (members). From here you can search for the user you are interested in and access hi/her profile.



  • Accessing the Private messages menu: Once you open a forum session you can access your control panel through the link in the horizontal panel (User control panel). One of the tabs in the User control panel is for private messages. Through the form to create a new private message you can access the users directory through the Find member link.






Sending private messages

How to send a private message You can send private messages in two ways:
• From the user profile: once you start a forum session and access the user profile of whoever you wish to send the message to, in the content bloc, you'll find a link to send it. Contact: PM: send private message.



  • Composing a new message: after accessing your user control panel the Private messages tab gives you access to the editor to compose the private message.
Once the private message is written you can save it to send later on (save) or send it instantly (submit).








Managing private messages

Managing private messages Private messages are managed through the same user panel's tab used to send them.  On the right-hand side column you'll find access to your Inbox and Outbox and Sent messages. In general it works just like an email manager. You'll be notified by email whenever you receive a new private message.
Blocking private messages Users that don't want to receive private messages from other users can change their forum settings to block messages:
User control panel / Board preferences / Edit global settings / Allow users to send you private messages = No