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Monte Brento (1500m)

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    • Australia 
    • Color
    • 56 min 

    The physical, mental and emotional story of the husband and wife team who set the world record for high altitude BASEjumping. Heather Swan and her husband Dr Glenn Singleman spent 6 years training in rockclimbing, mountaineering, skydiving, BASEjumping, wingsuit skydiving and wingsuit BASEjumping in order to make a first ascent of the west face of Mt. Meru (6672m) and fly off the top.

    No Ceiling - The Baseclimb 3 story 2010 poster a.jpg


    • UK 
    • Color
    • 65 min 

    At the cutting edge of extreme climbing, The Asgard Project follows top climbers Leo Houlding, Sean “Stanley” Leary, and Carlos Suarez’s ambitious expedition to make the first free ascent of Mt. Asgard’s daunting north face. The story gets off to a spectacular start as the team sky dives into the heart of Baffin Island. Hold on as the plot twists and unforeseen problems come thick and fast in this unrelenting epic.

    The Asgard Project 2009 poster a.jpg


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