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Half Dome (2649m)
Yosemite National Park

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Found films (14)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Vertical frontier 2003 Kristi Denton Cohen, Peloton Productions Lost Arrow Spire, El Capitan, Half Dome, Cathedral Peak Documentary
Vertical frontier Lost Arrow S...
El Capitan
Half Dome
Cathedral Peak
Alone on the wall 2009 Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Sender Films Half Dome, Moonlight Buttress Documentary
Alone on the wall Half Dome
Moonlight Bu...
Valley uprising 2014 Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer, Big Up Productions, Sender Films El Capitan, Half Dome, Lost Arrow Spire, Separate Reality Documentary
Valley uprising El Capitan
Half Dome
Lost Arrow S...
Separate Rea...
Honnold 3.0 2012 Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen, Sender Films, Big Up Productions Half Dome, Mount Watkins, El Capitan, Cascade Falls, Moonlight Buttress, Bishop Documentary
Honnold 3.0 Half Dome
Mount Watkins
El Capitan
Cascade Falls
Free Climb 1976 Robert Godfrey, Chip Taylor Comunications Half Dome Documentary
Free Climb Half Dome
Yosemite - Ascending rhythm 2000 Sterling Johnson, SnowCreek Consort, Midnight Lightning Turtle Back Dome, Sentinel Rock, Half Dome, Lower Yosemite Falls, Camp 4 Boulders Documentary
Yosemite - Ascending rhythm Turtle Back ...
Sentinel Rock
Half Dome
Lower Yosemi...
Camp 4 Boulders
Masters of stone VI - Breakthrough 2009 Eric Perlman, Perlman Productions El Capitan, Lake Tahoe, Half Dome, Ribbon Fall, Squamish, Canyonlands National Park, Washington Column, The Rostrum, Manure Pile Buttress, Mitake Documentary
Masters of stone VI - Breakthrough El Capitan
Lake Tahoe
Half Dome
Ribbon Fall
The core 2005 Roman Gackowski, Rush HD El Capitan, Half Dome, Camp 4 Boulders Documentary
The core El Capitan
Half Dome
Camp 4 Boulders
No barriers 1994 Eric Perlman, Mark Wellman, Perlman Productions El Capitan, Half Dome Documentary
No barriers El Capitan
Half Dome
Human hearts on Half Dome 2009 Michael Brown, Serac Adventure Films Half Dome Documentary
Human hearts on Half Dome Half Dome