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Cresciano (468m)
Lepontine Alps

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Found films (19)

Original title Year Dir / Prod Locations Genres
Picture Film data Locations
Evolution / Revolution 2 2002 Udo Neuman, Udini Mediaworks Bavarian Alps, Cresciano, Porto Cristo Documentary
Evolution / Revolution 2 Bavarian Alps
Porto Cristo
Forte 2005 Frontier Spirit Productions Cresciano Documentary
Forte Cresciano
Dai Koyamada 2005 Den Iruru Uketamawa, Osanami Takeshi, Mainichi Broadcasting System Cresciano Documentary
Dai Koyamada Cresciano
The story of two worlds - Low start 2012 Re.Birth, Daihold Creative Cresciano Documentary
The story of two worlds - Low start Cresciano
Eternally 2012 Kosuke Abe, Kujira Chironico, Cresciano Documentary
Eternally Chironico
Stone love 2001 Ben Pritchard, Richard Heap, Slackjaw Film Cresciano Documentary
Stone love Cresciano
Dai's video diaries - Vol. 3 2012 Re.Birth, Daihold Creative Cresciano, Chironico, Sustenpass, Magic Wood Documentary
Dai's video diaries - Vol. 3 Cresciano
Magic Wood
The wizard's apprentice 2011 Petr Pavlícek, Bernartwood Holstejn, Grotta San Giovanni, Siurana, Chironico, Cresciano, Frankenjura, Osp, Moravskim Krasie Documentary
The wizard's apprentice Holstejn
Grotta San G...
My climbing life 2006 Stella Marchisio, Christian Core, Antersass Cresciano, Hueco Tanks, Rocklands, Rifugio Barbara, Albarracín Documentary
My climbing life Cresciano
Hueco Tanks
Rifugio Barbara
GiaNizm 4 2012 Ryo Takechi, GiaNzim Project Cresciano, Ena Kasagiyama, Toyota Documentary
GiaNizm 4 Cresciano
Ena Kasagiyama