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Col Alto (2462m)

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    • France 
    • B/W sound
    • 102 min 

    Luis Trenker's debut as a director: Florian Dimai The Austrians and the Italians Count Arthur Franchini, both guides are good friends for years. When Italy enters 1915 in the First World War, the two meet each other as enemies.

    Les monts en flammes 1931 poster a.jpg


    • USA 
    • B/W sound
    • 81 min 

    The doomed battalion is a drama about alpinism that takes place in Torre Fanes and Col Alto. It was directed by Cyril Gardner in 1932 and produced by Universal Pictures. It features Luis Trenker, Tala Birell, Albert Conti, Victor Varconi, Henry Armetta, Gustav von Seyffertitz and others.

    The doomed battalion 1932 poster a.jpg


    • France / Germany 
    • B/W sound
    • 109 min 

    While Dimai with his men defended the Dolomites Col Alto, Franchini has been ordered to take the hill. The Italians try to blow up the Col Alto in the air, but Dimai manages to save his comrades and to keep the mountain. When the war is over, and Franchini Dimai meet again. Their friendship has survived the war.

    Berge in flammen 1931 poster a.jpg


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