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Auyán-Tepui (2450m)
Pakaraima Mountains

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    • Slovakia 
    • Color
    • 63 min 

    Auyan Tepui, "Mount of the God of Evil", is the highest table mountain in the Amazon. The Indians believe that its summit is inhabited by demons. Slovak Becko Ondrejovic, a former mountaineer, accomplished the first complete traverse of the mountain. He was so fascinated with its vertical lines that he decided to return with his friends to climb its totally virgin face. The expedition used neither a guide nor porters and had no communication with the outside world. This film presents the power of nature and the adventurous discovery of a lost world.

    Amazonia Vertical 2004 poster a.jpg


    • Slovakia 
    • Color
    • 28 min 

    V krajine Maple Whita 2006 poster a.jpg


    • Japan 
    • Color
    • 43 min 

    The Great Summits introduces ten of the world' s most famed mountains such as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn in the European Alps and Mt. McKinley in Alaska. Guided by expert climbers, viewers can experience what it feels like to climb these mountains. Feel the same fear and excitement through the lens of a Steadicam.

    Auyantepui - Lost World in the Sky 2010 poster a.jpg


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