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Managing channels


The first step to open a channel is to register on MFDB. After that you can open a channel by completing all the channel's profile fields. Once the channel is created and published it will come up in its assigned channel section and posts can be entered.

Opening a channel


OPENING A CHANNEL AND DEFINING A PROFILE To open a MFDB channel you must be a registered user and go to the Open a channel section in the Channel menu. Personal users can open personal channels and professional users can open professional channels. Professionals will have to assign a category for the channel (see Channel types).
  First step to open a channel is to define contents for the channel profile. Title, Subtitle, Country, Language, Channel Description, Profile images, Main image. You should also check the publish checkbox for the channel to be published and public. Once the channel's profile is defined you can start posting.
PROFILE IMAGES Uploaded images are scaled and cropped to fit final image proportions. For an optimum result we recommend to upload images either with the same size, or proportion, as the final image that will show up on the channel.




Create a post

PUBLISHING POSTS ON THE CHANNEL Once the channel's profile is open and defined, users can access their channel administration page in My Channel section in the My MFDB menu. Here they can find access to changing the profile and create and manage posts.
  To publish a post you have to click on the link, create a post and fill in the Title, Subtitle, and text, Related films, and Image fields in the form. As with the Channel profile form, the post form has a Publish checkbox to publish the posts. Publish/Unpublish checkbox is used for example to save a post draft that you don't want to publish just yet. We can enter the post but keep it hidden for everyone but us until we publish.
RELATED FILMS Related films field helps users find information about films mentioned in the post in the database. We encourage filling in the Related films field because, besides contributing towards a better general interaction, it improves channel pages' positioning for internet browsers.




Managing posts

MODIFING AND MANAGING POSTS To manage channel posts click on the Managing posts button in My Channel's page in My MFDB's menu. The page to manage posts has a list of all published posts and an option to edit or delete them. This list displays published posts in green and those not published in red. Published posts are those with the Publish checkbox checked and are visible for all channel users. Posts that are not published do not show up in the channel.
THINGS TO CONSIDER Posts are shown sort by creation date from newest to oldest. The creation date is the date the post was entered not the date the publishing checkbox was checked. To move an older post and have it come up before a newer one you have to create a new post with the older post's content and delete the old one.
  Posts can not have duplicated names.