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How to register


Besides having access to all Mountain Film Database features and services,
being a registered user allows you to actively participate and be part of the goal
to create a great web entirely dedicated to mountain film.

Why should you open a MFDB account


REGISTRATION MODALITY To access all features of Mountain Film Database you have to be a registered user. There are two registration modalities:
Personal user: for all users that don't wish to use their account for a commercial, promotional or professional purpose.
Professional user: for users that wish to promote their professional activity using the professional channels platform.
BENEFITS FOR REGISTERED USERS Being a registered user allows you to:
• Manage personal lists: favourite films, whatchlist and favourite channels
• Leave reviews and extra data on films
• Comment channel posts
Rate films and channels
• Add films and film events
• Open your own channel
• Actively participate in the MFDB forum
• Contact other registered users directly (via the forum)
PROFESSIONAL USERS Professional user modality is different from the personal user modality as it allows you to open professional channels instead of personal ones. Also, films added by professional users will have quarantine priority for them to be approved and published in the general database.
Register in MFDB






Registration process


HOW TO REGISTER To register you only have to fill out a form in the register page. Before filling it out you need to choose a personal or professional user modality. Once you have completed the form and sent it, we'll send an activation email to the provided email address. Your account will not be valid until the user opens this email and confirms registration via the link that validates the account. This is a necessary step to verify the email you provide is correct.
JUNK MAIL BOX The validation email is sent immediately after the registration form has been sent in. If you don't receive it we suggest you check your junk mail box as it's possible your email management software has identified the validation email as spam.
PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT Personal users will have their account running as soon as the email validation process is complete. As for professional users, once the email is validated, their account will remain a personal account until MFDB administration activates it as a professional account. This process may take a few days as it's a manual validation. Meanwhile, professional users can interact without any problem, but they will not be able to open a professional channel until the professional account is activated. Once the professional account is active, we'll send a confirmation email.
Also, accessing the Update account page, users can check their account status and verify if their personal account is still running or if the professional user account has been activated.
USER PROFILE IMAGE The image for the account profile cannot be added at the time you register, but you can after, by accessing the Update account page. This profile image will come up in the floating window of the User profile.
ACCOUNT UPDATING Users can update their registration data at any moment from the Update account page. As for users with public activity (comments, channels, forum activity) we recommend to take care when changing your username as by doing so you may confuse users following the content you uploaded with the previous user name.
SWITCHING TO A PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT Personal users may, at any point, ask for their account to switch to a professional account by a express petition via the Contact form. This petition can also be used for the opposite purpose, to switch from professional to personal user. When the account is updated, if the user has a channel, it will go into the right category and keep all its content.






HOW TO LOGIN Login with our MFDB account can be done from the Login menu in the left panel under the MFDB logo, or, via the Login page that comes up whenever you want to access content only available to registered users (for example My MFDB features).
REMEMBER ME You can login by clicking on the Remember me check-box. This way, the browser will keep you identified whenever you access MFDB pages.




Account recovery


HOW TO RESTORE THE ACCOUNT If you have forgotten your user name or password, you may send a petition to recover the data by putting your registration email address in the login menu. Once you send the petition an email with your data will be sent to you automatically. This email holds your user name and a new automatically generated password. We recommend you login with your new password, and also, access the update account page to change your password with one easier to remember.
JUNK MAIL BOX The email to recover data is sent immediately after you send in the petition. If you don't receive it we recommend you check your junk mail box as it's possible your email management software has identified it as spam.




Logging out


HOW TO LOGOUT For security reasons, your MFDB session shuts down automatically after half an hour of inactivity. If you close MFDB pages that are open in the browser, your session is still open until this inactivity period is up.
If when you logged in you clicked on the remember me check-box, the session will never shut down automatically. 
To logout manually you can do so from the Logout option in the Login menu under the MFDB logo or from the My MFDB menu.