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Forum rules and recommendations


Active participation in the MFDB Forum requires accepting use rules.
Failure to comply with these rules will be a cause to delete the contents
and in recurring or severe cases, the user may be blocked or expelled.

Basic rules


Forum use
Mountain Film Database's Forum is a space for registered users to debate freely and friendly about issues related to mountain films or the MFDB web.

At the same time MFDB Forum is also the platform for registered users to interact directly via private messages (see Private messages).
Basic rules
For a perfect coexistence between users and to comply with International law to do with copyrights, and other affairs, it's compulsory to use the forum correctly and to take into consideration:
Language: There is just one MFDB forum for all languages and has English as its interface language and content structure. Users may express themselves in any preferred language. However, when possible, we recommend using English as it's the most used and the one that probably will make communication between users from different countries easier.
Respect: In general it's required to act respectfully with all published content and to avoid any kind of racist, sexist, harassing, abusive, defamatory, transgressive or illegal comment or conduct.  This also includes publishing links to other sites with disrespectful content.
Data revealing: It's not allowed to reveal other users' personal data without their express consent.
• Intellectual property: Before sharing contents through MFDB channels make sure you have the right to do so. We ask you to respect author rights, commercial brand copyrights and any other intellectual property rights that may be applicable.
• Illicit content: It is prohibited to publish any content that contravenes laws or that may be considered offensive to other users.
• Non warned spoilers: Out of respect for those whom have not yet seen the films we ask you not to reveal any crucial aspects of the story line without warning.
Spam: It's prohibited to publish messages with invasive spam like publicity that have nothing to do with the forum sections.
UNFULFILLMENT AND ABUSE If you come across any content in MFDB that you consider to infringe basic use rules please let us know via the contact form.

All contents that fail to comply with basic rules will be deleted without notice and users that provided it warned. This warning is also applicable to private messages in the forum. In recurring offence or severe cases, users may be blocked or expelled by MFDB.

MFDB reserves the right to modify and add new use conditions at any moment. MFDB acts as a communication service provider between users and cannot be hold liable for any content provided by users.




Use recommendations


Searching for topics • Search by topic: If you know what you are looking for, your can search for it by topic going into the forum categories you believe might include the topics you are interested in.
• Search by concept: If you search by concepts, it's best to do so with the text search box in the forum's heading. This search will browse topics in all categories.
• Search by category: If you want to narrow down your search within a specific category, use the text search on the right-hand side of the New topic button in each category.
Publishing new topics • Similar topics: Before starting a new topic make sure it isn't already under discussion. Use the text search to locate similar topics.
• Topic location: Open topics in the right category. This is how it will draw attention. A topic in the wrong place may be overlooked by most users.
• Topic's subject: The topic's title (subject) has to describe what the topic is about. Avoid using just one word. It's better to describe it in a few words.
• Topic description: Don't just write the topic title. Explain the topic's subject also in the post's message when you start it.
• Alerts: When you create a new topic remember to check or uncheck the 'Notify me when a reply is posted' box. This way you'll receive an alert or not when the topic gets new messages.
• Topic edition: If, once you have activated a topic, you realize you have done a mistake or forgot to include certain data, go back to the message and click on the Edit button to correct the message.
Replying on topics • Where to reply: Reply in the same topic you read via the Post reply button. Never reply by starting a New topic.
• Don't duplicate replies: Make sure you provide new information in your reply before you do so. Maybe some other user has already replied the same thing.
General recommendations for all messages • Direct messages: Don't write messages on the forum to address a specific user. Instead, send him/her a private message (PM).
Chats: Don't start topics like with chats or post as if it was one either.
Clarity: Try to make your messages comprehensible and make sure they can't be misunderstood.
Uppercase: Don't write using uppercase. It's like you are shouting out.
Style: Use colours and bold to highlight part of your message, not for all the text.
Other recommendations Following: SIf you are a forum active user, sign in regularly to see your posts' activity. You may be interested in continuing to participate in some of the topics. You can also activate the ‘Notify me when a reply is posted’ check-box to receive activity alerts in your email account.
Private messages: If you do not wish to receive private messages, you can change your forum settings to block the messages:
User control panel / Board preferences / Edit global settings / Allow users to send you private messages = No