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Forum help


What's the MFDB Forum Mountain Film Database's Forum is a virtual space for registered users to debate freely about issues related to mountain films or the MFDB web.

At the same time MFDB Forum is also the platform for registered users to interact directly via private messages (see Private messages).
FORUM ACCESS You can access the forum in two different ways:
• From the MDFB website: the forum is integrated in the content bloc of the MFDB web. You can access it from the Community menu (MFDB Forum).
• Externally from an independent page out of the MFDB website: you can access it by opening any forum link in a new tab or window or via the following link: external forum access. External access avoids the double vertical scroll problem.
Whatever way you access the forum, contents are the same. There aren't two different forums. It's the same one in two different view modes.
FORUM LANGUAGE There's only one MFDB forum for all languages and has English as its interface language and content structure. Users may express themselves in any preferred language. However, when possible, we recommend using English as it's the most used and the one that probably will make communication between users from different countries easier. 
Users that wish to do so may access the forum's google automatic translated version via the following links: Fòrum en català, Fòrum en castellà.
MFDB Forum






Forum content

Content structure MFDB's forum entries (topics) are sort by topic into different categories or subcategories (forums or subforums). This content structure by topic makes searches easier. Current content structure is as follows:
MFDB board Announcements: Important MFDB administration messages
How to (ask for help): Help and support issues on how to use MFDB sorted by sections
Suggestions and requests: Petitions and suggestions about the forum or the MFDB website
Everything about films
Film discussions: Independent discussions for the following sections in relation to the films: Reviews, Recommendations , Film lists, Curiosities, Film questions
Online and TV films / Film market: Messages about films you can find in internet, see on television, or about buying and selling films
Film production: News about film production and crowdfunding for film production
News, events and others
General news: News to do with mountain films
Film events discussions: Discussions to do with film events
Other discussions: Messages that don't fit the above mentioned categories
Professional area
Jobs: Job offers and demands (Job market)
Trading: Second hand professional filming equipment




Use basics

Control panel In the forum's heading, under the general search box there is a blue horizontal panel that allows you to access basic forum features (forum categories browser, FAQs, list of users, registry, start session). Once you are registered you'll also have direct access to your settings and messages.


Login To start a forum session you use the same user name and password as the one you used for your MFDB account. However ,starting a session on the forum is an independent action from starting an MFDB session. To start it in the forum you have to sign in with your user name and password even though you already may have started an MFDB session.
To start a session in the forum you have to click on the Login link on the right-hand side of the blue horizontal panel that's under the search box.
Dynamics Forum's goal is to allow users' discussion on different topics they propose by message (post) exchange. Users' messages may be to start up new topics or to reply ongoing topics. Once a topic is opened answers are displayed under the message that created the topic. The message that started the topic (new topic) has the topic title that will identify the thread of discussion.
Topic search Topic search is done by browsing through categories and subcategories or by using the post search in the forum's heading. The search box in the heading will search topics  within all categories. If you wish to search in just one category you need to go to that category and browse using the search box next to the New topic button.
Creating a new topic To create a new topic you have to go into the topic category we want it to be in (Some categories have subcategories, if this is the case you have to choose a subcategory). Once in the category or subcategory you have to click on the New topic button. You can only create messages when you are a registered user, therefore you need to be logged in. A new topic has to have a title (subject) and a text . Once the message is written you have to click on the Submit button to publish it.
We recommend you choose a title that is simple and helps users to understand the topic's subject without having to explore it. This will make searches within the forum easier.
If you think current categories and subcategories are insufficient and wish to propose a new one, you may send a petition to MFDB administration via the Suggestions form.
Editing messages Both if messages (posts) start a new topic or if they are reply messages on an ongoing topic, messages can be edited with the Edit button on the right-hand side of our message. Once it's edited you have to click on the Submit button to save any changes.
Reply messages To leave a reply message about a topic you have to go into the topic and click on the Post reply button. Once the message is saved after clicking on the Submit button, it will be displayed after the last message. Messages are displayed one after the other by date of creation from the oldest (the one that started the topic) to the newest.
My activity To see all the topics we have participated in you can click on the View your posts link on the blue horizontal panel under the general search box.
Private messages Besides forum activity, which is public, you can also send private messages directly to a specific user. To do this you can click on the PM (private message) button under the user name on the right column of each message. You can also look for the user from the Members link in your control panel (blue horizontal panel) and once in his/her user profile click on the Send a private message link (see Private messages).
Forum user profile Although  MFDB and MFDB's Forum user name and password are synchronised, technically they belong to two different accounts and their profiles are independent. Therefore if you wish to appear as an active user in the MFDB forum you have to update your forum profile data.  To access the profile you need to start a forum session and go to the User control panel (from the blue control panel).Profile data is in the Profile tab.
More information and help For further information on how the forum works we recommend you visit the forum's frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.