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Film page


Film page content is organized in the following horizontal blocs:
header, bàsic information, media viewer, screenshots, extended
tags and related films, user reviews and added data.

Film page
The Film page is meant to be integrated in the MFDB website so the film has main focus, and shows all the film's information in an orderly, attractive and interactive way. It's structured in the following horizontal blocs: header, bàsic information, media viewer, screenshots, extended informationtags and related films, user reviews and added data.




Page header

First horizontal bloc The first horizontal bloc is the header and basically contains the film's identifying elements and first level of participation:
FILM IDENTIFICATION • Series name: For films that belong in a series. It can be a television series, a group of films of joint production, etc.
• Film's original title: Title of the film in the original language. When the films are in a non latin alphabet (russian, greek, arab, chinese, japanese...) the title is shown in a phonetic translation for the latin alphabet.
• Production year: After the title you find the year of production in brackets. In cases where the exact year is unknown the decade can appear instead as follows: 1920s.
Subtitle: Usually, the subtitle is an extension of the title. It's an extra explanatory title. It's not like a motto or advertising slogan, that is often on posters, but a second title that appears in some film credits. Example: Into thin air (1997) Death on Everest.
• Titles in other languages: Title names used to distribute the film in other languages or countries. It's not merely a translation but they are real titles that have been used commercially.
USER PARTICIPATION • Follow options for registered users: Buttons to add and delete films from the Favourites list and Watchlist and the Share button to send the page link via twitter and facebook (see User participation).
• Film rating: Global user rating is the average of received votes from users.
• Personal film rating: Available only to registered users, personal rating is just one. When the user votes for a film he/she had voted for already, what this does is modify his/her previous vote. It doesn't add a new vote to the total (ree Rating films).






Basic information

Second horizontal bloc The second bloc is a highlighted bloc in a blue horizontal band that has the film's basic data:
FILM BASIC DATA • Production country: It can have more than one country when it's a co-production.
• Production format: Basically it's the image format (B/W, colour, IMAX,3D) and sound (silent, sound).
• Length: In minutes.
• Basic description: Basic synopsis. If this description doesn't fit the length of the reserved space, the link [...] comes up to access full description that always is the introduction of the Story section in the basic information bloc.
• Basic credits: Director, Production and Leading actors. The rest of the credits are in the Credits section in the Basic information bloc.
• Posters: Carousel and film posters. When you click on any of the posters, the content viewer floating window opens with the biggest size poster. If the film has a video, you can find a link under the poster where you can view this video.
• Film classification: The column on the right has all the film's classification elements. First the Genre, highlighted with a coloured sticker, and after, the Subgenre, Story and Themes.






Media viewer

Floating window When you click on the poster, video link, or location map, it opens a floating window with tabs to see different broader multimedia content:
MULTIMEDIA CONTENT VIEWER Posters: To see poster in a bigger size in an horizontal carousel and go from one to the next.
Map: Interactive map to analyse film locations. After clicking on a location, you can see in the left blue column the location's information and an option to see that location's films.
Video: Video window with all the available videos for the film. Usually they are links to official videos uploaded by the distributor companies. At MFDB we don't upload video contents that break any author's rights laws.







Third horizontal bloc
Screenshots are displayed in an horizontal carousel under the basic chart. This carousel only comes up in the film pages that have any screenshots.





Extended information

Fourth horizontal bloc The fourth bloc has two columns. The left one holds the map and location information. The right one contains extended information of the following fields and in different tabs (only tabs with available information are displayed):
EXTENDED MAIN INFORMATIONS Credits: Holding related links.
Story: Full synopsis and storyline
Film details: Information about the film's production or other particular aspects not directly related to the storyline.
Awards: Information about film nominations or awards.






Tags and related films

Fifth horizontal bloc The fifth bloc contains information of film connections via two related searches:
RELATED SEARCHES Tags: Are keywords related to the films. Even though they give out clue information about the film, they are basically meant to label the film and allow you to find other films under the same label (tag) and make a related search using key words.
• Related films: It's a carousel showing films with coinciding aspects with the film page you are in. They are not mere coincidences but important ones in more than one aspect (location, story line, production, etc.).





User reviews and added data

Page closure At the end of the page you can find the tabs of the participation area. Users have two options to make their contributions to a film (see User participation):
PARTICIPATION AREA User reviews: Registered users may leave their reviews and polls for the film. These comments can be modified by the user in his/her MFDB private area.
Added data: To provide new data about a film. Added data is sent to MFDB administration to be reviewed and studied, and if suitable, added to the film page. Data may be added privately or publicly. See the page about comments and added films for more information and use rules.
Film added by: At the end of the page you can see the user's name that initially added the film (see Adding films).