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Film database

A great mountain film database available to all the community with multiple
search features to discover from the most popular to the most unheard of titles.


Film selection criteria

MFDB's mountain film database and all website's content in general solely revolve around mountain films that fit our selection criteria:
Thematic scope Climbing and mountaineering: films with mountains as the setting for any activities to do with climbing.
Genre Most genres as long as the film has its own narrative. Fragments or films that belong to mixed formats and loose their meaning when seen separately aren't considered.
Type of production We have chosen to apply multiple quality criteria to select the films: antiquity, length, professional or amateur production...
Selection criteria






Film classification

At MFDB we use our own classification system to allow users to quickly identify what type a film is by just seeing this classification factors:
Genre Cinematographic genres are film typologies that help identify films that share common stylistic devices.
Subgenre Subgenre is a more specific style classification that allows to further explore primary genre classification. Subgenre identifies the film's narration tone.
Story's origin The story's origin defines if the film is based on real life or not, and to what extent it's fiction.
Film themes Out of the scope of themes related to climbing and mountaineering we can identify different disciplines or thematic aspects.
Film classification






Searching films

Given film search will not always be under a title, we have developed different film search methods that allow accurate, entertaining and instructive searches, and above all ensure discovering new titles:
Basic search Basic search is the simplest method and you can find it in any page in the web. It's in the left column under the MFDB logo and the projection window.
Advanced search Advanced search mode complements features in the basic mode and adds other parameters but in general works in a similar way.
Map search Search via map mode is conceived for users to find films by location. Using an interactive map, the user can select a location and see all films with that location.
Related searches Related searches are those that allow you to find films with shared parameters from results from an initial search.
Projection window
Another way to find films is by checking out the projection window that is on the left column, between the logo and the basic search box. This projection window displays database film images randomly in autoplay.
Searching films