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Event pages


All event pages work and are structured the same, and include:
search, carousel, event list, event profile access, and access
to event channel, for those events with a channel in MFDB.

Event pages
Film events are classified in 3 categories: film festivals, film tours and other film events (see Type of events) At MFDB we have created a page for each one of them. All 3 pages work the same and share the same structure. They contain:
Event search
Event carousel
Event list
Event profile access
• Access to event channel (only available for events that have an official channel in the MFDB Event channels section)
TO ALSO VIEW PAST EVENTS Pages initially display only scheduled events. Past events or without a schedule will not come up until you make a search or go to Show all.
CAROUSEL AND LIST EVENTS All events are displayed below the Show all button in groups of ten ordered by date from latest to oldest. The page navigator allows you to browse through pages seeing events in groups of ten. Events are shown synchronized in two different and complementary view modes. One in slideshow (carousel), and the other in a vertical list.




Event search

Event search
The event Search engine browses trough all events in the chosen category regardless of dates. For example, in the Film tours page the search engine goes through its items and will show them up alphabetically including future events and past events.
A search can be filtered by country, season, or just be left blanc to see all events under that category without any filter.






Event carousel

Event carousel
It displays a basic chart for each of the 10 events on the search result page. Users can go from one event to the next with the side arrows. When you get to the end of the carousel it restarts with the first event out of the group of 10. To view the next 10 you must go to the next page with the page navigator under the carousel and the list.
Carousel view allows for related searches in the events filtered by country. It also gives access to the event's complete profile in a floating window, to its MFDB channel, and to its web.






Event list

Llistat d'events
It allows to see results quickly and at a glance. The list shows the same 10 events as on the carousel. To see subsequent search results you need to use the page navigator like with the carousel.
List view mode allows access to the event's complete profile in a floating window, and also to its channel in MFDB.






Event profile

Event profile
The event's profile is a floating window that opens clicking on the link on the list or carousel. This link has information on the festival with a complete description and posters of past editions.