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Adding films


All registered users can enter new films and contribute to
Mountain Film Database's project of having a mountain film
database as updated as possible for the community.

Add films
Mountain Film Database's (MFDB) database project was started because of the broad range of climbing and mountaineering films catalogued in the Mountain Film Institute (MFI). It's the result of a thorough research work. This database goal is to classify as much films as possible and become for the community a unique reference to do with mountain films information. This is why we would like it to be users (enthusiast and professionals) whom participate and contribute with their knowledge by adding new films. We believe that with everyone's contributions and all users' support to the project we'll achieve a more updated and complete film database.

MFDB's website Add films feature is a result of this desire and intends to make the entry process easier for users.





Adding a new film process


Add films Adding new films to the general database is an easy process. First step is to fill out and send the Add films form. Once the form is sent the film is registered in the Quarantine area and MFDB administration is notified.
FILMS IN QUARANTINE From this point on MFBD administration will be in charge of evaluating and verifying information to establish if the film meets requirements to be published in the general database. If so, it will try to complete necessary information and the film will be registered in the general database. Whilst the validation is in process, the film will remain in the Films in quarantine section.

Whilst the film is in quarantine it won't come up in the general database searches but only in the quarantine list pending MFDB administration approval. Quarantine zone is necessary to preserve general database integrity.
REQUIREMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Before adding a film you should take into account:

1.  Type of film
2.  Before adding a film
3.  How to add a film
4.  Quarantine area
5.  Films that don't come out of quarantine
6.  Update added films data
7.  Adding data to a published film
8.  General rules




Requirementa and recommendations


1. Type of film Films that are added have to comply with the MFDB selection criteria. Petitions to add films that don't fit this criteria won't be considered. Basically films should comply with:
Theme: Should revolve around mountaineering and climbing.
Genre: Should be completed (not in process) audiovisual productions of any cinematographic genre that adjust to the established criteria.
Production: Comply with production and quality criteria.

2. Before adding a film Before adding a film it's important to verify it's not already registered in the general database or in the quarantine area. Given the same film is distributed in different languages and under different titles, according to each country, it may help to search the film by director instead of its title as we may not have it registered under all its different title versions.

3. How to add a film To add a film you must be a registered user and only requires filling out and sending the Add films form. This form has all possible fields but not all need to be completed. To be able to send in the petition it's enough to fill in the required fields. This petition is sent directly to the department in charge of managing the film database that will consider and verify it. Whilst it's not reviewed the film will remain in the quarantine area and out of the general database search system.

4. Quarantine area Added films do not go directly into the general film database but are quarantined pending MFBD verification and approval. Quarantine area is necessary to preserve the general database's integrity. To avoid duplicate, incomplete, incorrect or false entries they must be evaluated by MFDB administration before publishing them in the general database. Otherwise we would risk uploading unverified contents therefore contravening our principles of rigorous information for all publications. Films that are approved after quarantine and go into the general database will keep register of the user that added them originally, regardless of how complete the provided information was. It's our humble tribute and acknowledgement to user contributions.

5. Films that don't come out of quarantine There are different reasons for a film not to overcome quarantine. When provided information isn't enough to identify it or when we can't certify it exists, MFDB administration will contact the user that added it and try to complete information. If the film can't be verified or when a film doesn't meet requirements it is deleted from the quarantine area and a message is sent to the user explaining cause for dismissal.

6. Update added films data While the film is in quarantine the user that added it can modify it in his/her My MFBD menu (My added films). Once the film is out of quarantine it can only be modified by MFBD administration.

7. Adding data to a published film If you want to add or correct information on a film that has already been published it can be done through the Add details function at the bottom of each film's page. All provided data can be sent in privately or publicly. If it's done publicly, comments will be published in the film's added details section. If you want to add images or videos to films, you should contact MFBD Administration via the Contact form.

8. General rules The Add films feature is the first step to incorporate new entries to the film database. We ask for maximum accuracy and seriousness when using this function. We understand that often information about a film may be scarce and we would be grateful for all new additions to be done in good faith. We hope for it not to be used to provide false information. Any inappropriate use of the Add films feature can be considered reason to invalidate the registered MFBD user's account.