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About channels


All registered users can open a channel in Mountain Film Database.
Channels are free expression and outreach areas managed by users
and work as most internet web blogs do.

What are the Channels?
Mountain Film Database channels are open pages self-managed by users in MFDB. They work as most internet web blogs and are pages for them to expand their outreach. Users can open their channel and upload their posts and pictures.

The channel area doesn't serve just one purpose. For professionals, channels can be used to promote and spread their projects. For some users it can be a sharing point for their opinions and interests. For others it can be the place to share their reflections… Users have the freedom to use their channel as preferred as long as it respects basic MFDB rules.




Channel types


CHANNEL TYPES DEPENDING ON USER TYPES There are two channel types. Personal channels and professional channels. Foreseeing commercial and promotional use of channels by professional users we have differentiated them from personal users, sort them by professional fields and given them independent pages:
  Personal channels: For those that have registered as personal users.
(see Demo channel)
PROFESSIONAL CHANNELS Professional channels (Pro Channels): Those belonging to professionals. They are divided in the following professional categories: (see Demo channel)
Filmakers: Film production related professionals
Production companiesFilm production related companies
Film events: Film festivals and other mountain film events
TV or internet broadcasts: TV or online channels and programs
Advertisers: Companies and brands advertising in MFDB
Distributors: Mountain film distributors and vendors




Channel pages


FIND CHANNELS BY CATEGORY Each channel category has its own page and channel search engine, that uses selected search parameters for the selected category. The search text box will look for matching results in the channel user, title and subtitle fields.

Channel pages show under the search box the latest updated channels. More active channels will be more visible. Channels are shown in groups of 10 in carousel and list mode. The carousel and list show identical results. To view the next 10 channels you should use the page navigator located under the carousel and list.




Channel contents


HEADER Header: First horizontal bloc. To identify and write channel's purpose. Contains:
• User name
• Channel name
• Channel subtitle
• Basic channel description
• User participation options
CHANNEL PROFILE Channel profile: Second horizontal bloc. To identify the user managing the channel:
• Main image
• Profile image
• User profile information
USER POSTS AND ACTIVITY User's channel posts and activity: Third horizontal bloc. Channel post area and user activity:
• Channel posts
• Added films
• Commented films
• Favourite Films (only in personal channels)
• Post index




User participation


VISITOR CONTRIBUTIONS Registered users can contribute and interact via the following participation options:
  Vote a channel. Registered user votes add up. Each user can vote only once for a channel. Higher number of votes for a channel indicates popularity.
  Save a channel in the Favourite channel list. As with films, registered users may save favourite channels in a list they can access from the private area in My MFDB.
  Share. Send channel access via facebook or twitter.
RULES AND RECOMMENDATIONS TO COMMENT ON POSTS Comment on channel posts. Users can comment on each channel post. As with films, comments can never include:
• Insults, obscenities or spiteful comments.
• Single word comments. We want justified opinions.
• Non warned spoilers. Out of respect for those whom have not yet seen the film we ask you not to reveal any crucial aspects of the story line without warning.
• Telephone numbers, email addresses, website addresses...
• Commercial Information of any type.
• Upper case writing as it's considered yelling that must be avoided out of politeness.
MFDB administration reserves the right to delete comments it may consider not to respect these rules.