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Der grosse sprung (1927)

  • Il grande salto
  • O grande salto
  • The big jump
  • Wielki skok
  • Gita the goat-girl
  • Duży skok
  • Le grand saut

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  • Germany  
  • B/W silent
  • 112 min 

Der grosse sprung is a drama about alpinism that takes place in Dolomites. It was directed by Arnold Fanck in 1927 and produced by UFA. It features Leni Riefenstahl, Luis Trenker, Hans Schneeberger, Paul Graetz and Walter Riml.

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The fun-Gita is Goatherd in a village in the Dolomites. But Gita is not only pretty and clever, they can also climb like a chamois - not even of Toni, his character the best climbers far and wide, comes up against the girl.

One day Michael learns the townspeople Trueheart, a spoiled millionaire who know Gita - and falls in love with the self-confident woman. Toni is it less than enthusiastic, but even he has his eye on Gita. However, his chances are not very good at first, but Michael trumps on with all the tricks of a cosmopolitan gentleman. And not remain without effect: Gita is quite delighted Michael, especially since he can climb very well! A final sample must still exist, however, the city man to win Gitas heart finally: He must occupy the first place in the traditional peasant ski race - that's easier said than done, because Michael has not been in his entire life on skis!

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